Cartographic representation of the area surrounding the establishments

Project information

Index: 0865R2
Priority:2: Environment and risk prevention
Sub Theme:Natural and technological risks (including climate change)
Location ELLADA Start/End date of the practice
Start: N/A

Topic of the practice

Disaster prevention

Good Practice Information

In 2008, in order to define the possible affected regions, a cartographic representation of the area located inside and outside of each establishment was created by the GSCP. It presents the population protection zones and domino effect radii in the aspect of various disasters occurrence, including thermal radiation, overpressure, dispersion of toxic substances and information in case of the worst accident scenario of each upper tier SEVESO establishment. The cartographic representation of the area located inside and outside of each establishment is very crucial due to a great importance of information concerning various aspects of disasters occurrence. Because of the fact that the method contains multilayer information, it’s extremely important in the context of quickening the information flux during emergency situations.
For the accomplishment of the representation a GIS was created, which is not only a tool for the map designing of the population protection zones for each establishment and for each type of the accident, but also a complete system essential for the analysis and the investigation of the surrounding area of the establishment and the decision-making in case of industrial accidents. Therefore this tool presents overall information about threats as well as it also contains suggestions concerning the proper use of this information.It is planned to exceed the method for other regions in the future. The Regions and the Decentralized Administrations will be asked to accomplish cartographic representations for their own regions, since the Regional Directorates of Development allocate all the required information about the establishments.

Evidence of success

The cartographic representation was created on the basis of the Safety Reports of upper tier SEVESO establishments and the information obtained from a consortium consisted of numerous companies. Therefore the final effect of this action can be providing additional an information about the areas which are the most vulnerable to disaster occurrence.

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