Girl Geek Scotland (Girl Geeks)

Project information

Index: 0863C2
Acronym:WINNET 8
Priority:1: Innovation and the knowledge economy
Sub Theme:Employment, human capital and education
Location UNITED KINGDOM SCOTLAND Edinburgh Eastern Scotland Start/End date of the practice
Start: 2009-01-01
End: 2010-12-31

Topic of the practice

Girl Geeks in Scotland address occupational segregation and the under-representation of women in entrepreneurship particularly in non-traditional areas of enterprise like technology, innovation and computing

Good Practice Information

Girl Geeks aim to support women to realise their potential and develop their careers in segregated industries and sectors, with particular emphasis on technology, innovation and computing. They aim to promote diversity and address the barriers women face to progress and success in the non-traditional workplaces and in entrepreneurship. Girl Geeks have both social and economic objectives - that is promoting equality, diversity and inclusion alongside economic growth and prosperity.
Girl Geeks target women who have aspirations, skills, knowledge and experience in technology, computing, innovation and other segregated areas of employment, as well as women who have aspirations for starting-up a business. They are often women who are finding it difficult to sustain careers in these sectors or industries. The project also targets women who are completing studies in technology, computing, innovation etc. They aim to ensure that women can progress from formal learning into their
chosen careers or enterprises and address the “leaking pipeline” from FE/HE into work.
FUNDING: ESF Objective 3/Interegg 3C/EQUAL) ERDF Priority 1
Scottish Enterprise/University of Edinburgh/Scottish Information & Computer Science Alliance/UK Resource Centre / Various corporates and some small business sponsorship
SUCCESS FACTORS: Girl Geeks has 60 women attending events/workshops/dinners (all women who are working or progressing towards work, in segregated sectors and industries. Feedback clearly indicates that the project is making significant progress in supporting women to access and sustain employment and in some cases enterprise.
POTENTIAL FOR TRANSFER: Girl Geeks are active in 13 of the 27 EU member states and another 6 countries internationally including USA, Japan and Malaysia. Therefore the model and approach is clearly transferrable and the priorities of the work they focus on could be adapted to suit the regional context. For example in Scotland aside from promoting women in technology and computing they are also promoting women’s enterprise.

Evidence of success

Over the last year Girl Geeks have hosted 8 Dinner Events with 60 women at each event across Scotland – the events all focus on different aspects of women in technology, computing, innovation (career development/ leadership/ barriers, challenges, issues/enterprise etc). November 2010 will see the completion of the third and last Enterprise Workshop in the Girl Geek Scotland series. Each of these has hosted circa 26 women who aspire to start-up a business or have a young business they intend to grow

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Morna Simpson

Girl Geek Scotland

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