Female Dynamic – Women of Central Macedonia on the path to Professional Development

Project information

Index: 0863C2
Acronym:WINNET 8
Priority:1: Innovation and the knowledge economy
Sub Theme:Employment, human capital and education
Location ELLADA VOREIA ELLADA Kozani Dytiki Makedonia Start/End date of the practice
Start: 2005-01-01
End: 2007-12-31

Topic of the practice

Promotion of women employability and gender equality at regional level.

Good Practice Information

The project aimed at supporting unemployed women of the Region of Central Macedonia in order to improve their qualifications, aiming to strengthen them in their pursuit for finding a job or starting their own business. Moreover, the project aimed at helping working women such as those who were self-employed or members of women’s cooperatives and who wanted to improve their working conditions. An internal objective of the project was to create a network at regional level with the participation of all relevant agents in order to have more integrated options for any future plan.

OBJECTIVES:The aim of the project was to empower women, to prepare them for integration into the labor market by supporting them to take business initiatives and to promote them to employment through the operation of a central Women Resource Center and of a network of 5 permanent and 5 mobile units. BENEFICIARIES: In general, the beneficiaries of the project were 948 women unemployed, self-employed and members of the women cooperatives of the Region of Central Macedonia.FUNDING:The budget was 1.422.480 € and was co-funded by the European Social Fund of the EU (75%) and the Greek Government (25%) in the framework of the Operational Program (O.P.) “Employment and Vocational Training 2000-2006” Measure 5.3 (Integrated Interventions of Women) under the 3rd Community Support Framework (C.S.F.).The project was co-funded 75% by the European Social Fund of the European Union and 25% by the Greek Government (Ministry of Labour and Social Protection).
SUCCESS FACTORS: Integrated interventions for women: combination of all available programs and resources, The holistic approach of the project implementation, Complementary services between partners, Ergani Centres accumulated know–how on supporting women, Good cooperation between partners of the project, Dissemination and communication of the project through: the internet, newsletters, publication of articles, advertising in the local media , press conferences, meetings with local and regional authorities, flyers, posters, info point in the International Fair of Thessaloniki POTENTIAL FOR TRANSFER: All the elements that made this project a success are available: know-how, counselling and training tools, training methods, proved methodology and evaluation.What seems to be more difficult is the combination of other programs and funding opportunities for the beneficiaries, as they must be decided (probably) by a higher level of decision-making centre.We are paying special attention to the counselling and training tools that have been produced, used and improved during the implementation of the project, which can be adopted by other organizations with local adjustments for the benefit of women.

Evidence of success

RESULTS/EVIDENCE OF SUCCESS:2,777 applications were submitted, 948 women benefited from counselling services, 467of the beneficiaries of the project found jobs or entered into stage programs, 155 new enterprises were established by women-beneficiaries, 52 women have benefited from training programs by upgrading their skills, 63 self-employed women received counselling (45 members of women’s cooperatives and 18 businesswomen). Most of them (80%) were funded by new programs.
Beneficiaries who were provided with counseling services had benefited in many ways, such as their personal development, the acquisition of professional and social skills, the improvement of their self-knowledge, the networking with mentors and employers. Families of the beneficiaries were also affected positively (in social and economical ways) by the results of consultations and the entering in the labor market. Especially in the case of women who were members of cooperatives in remote and rural areas, their participation in the project improved their family income and the local economy as well.

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Parthenopi Sourmaidou

Ergani Centre



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