Ambassadors for women’s entrepreneurship

Project information

Index: 0863C2
Acronym:WINNET 8
Priority:1: Innovation and the knowledge economy
Sub Theme:Employment, human capital and education
Location SWEDEN NORRA SVERIGE Stockholm Norra Mellansverige Start/End date of the practice
Start: 2007-01-01
End: 2009-12-31

Topic of the practice

Research shows that most people associate business with men. Our ambassadors’ task is to challenge this image. They are to make women’s business enterprise more visible and inspire others to see business enterprise as a possibility.

Good Practice Information

OBJECTIVES:One goal is for more girls and women to have more role models within business enterprise and to see this as a possible career option. A second goal is to spread knowledge about business enterprise. The venture is mainly directed at women but does not exclude men. As this is about values it is difficult to measure results with many small activities and efforts collectively make a difference. Every ambassador has four tasks to complete per year. During the first period of approximately two years our ambassadors met with approximately 60,000 people. When evaluated on content and presentation our ambassadors achieved a result of 4.2 on a 5-point scale.The agreement is for ambassadors to complete four tasks during a period of one year to share their own experiences.It takes time to establish the term “ambassadors for women’s entrepreneurship” and what it actually means. Even with an identified need and successful meetings taking place it still takes time to find the right channels.
BENEFICIARIES: Students at college and universities. People working within the education system. Women and men in different learning situations. Newly arrived and other groups with new arrival status. People who are about to start a business. Approximately 60% of those who have met with an ambassador have been girls/women.FUNDING: N.A. SUCCESS FACTORS: Everyone working within their own network and dedicated to the task.Governmental tasks.The importance of significance and the project making a difference. This is known immediately a task is completed. A joint forum in the form of POTENTIAL FOR TRANSFER: This project can be extended. Ambassadors could be responsible for different issues while still maintaining core themes (entrepreneurship/women, newly arrived, young people, innovators etc. )A solid organisation and a great deal of communication would be needed – internally as well as externally.

Evidence of success

RESULTS/EVIDENCE OF SUCCESS: Ambassadors have met with 60,000 people during the first phase. There is no differentiation made between different target groups today. Ambassadors have reported that 60% of meetings have been with students in school s and 40% with other target groups.More people are seeing entrepreneurship as a possible career choice. Role models are needed to challenge traditional structures/norms

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Tillväxtverket, the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth

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