International Festival of Social cinema of CLM

Project information

Index: 0853R2
Priority:1: Innovation and the knowledge economy
Sub Theme:Employment, human capital and education
Location ESPAÑA CENTRO (E) Toledo Castilla-La Mancha Start/End date of the practice
Start: 01/01/2004
End: 01/01/2010

Topic of the practice

Arts films, raising awareness about social key topics, Public participation The International Festival of Social Cinema of CLM is committed to promote picture and cinema as an educational tool raising people awareness about key social topics. One of its most relevant aspects of the International Festival of Social Cinema of CLM is that contrary to other Spanish famous film festivals this cultural event it is not only dedicated to promote short films, documentary films and films addressing a social topic as well as their directors awarding them various prizes. The association FECISO is also involved in the setting-up of a great range of activities around the festival based on public and young people involvement and social awareness raising in Toledo and other cities in the surroundings.

Good Practice Information

The International Festival of social cinema of CLM aims to deepen the role of cinema as an educational vehicle and a tool of public awareness-raising about social matters. This Film Festival is longing for contributing to the development and promotion of human rights and social values like the respect towards the difference as something rewarding in all its meanings.
Through the promotion of an independent and non-industrialized cinema in original version in the region of CLM, this Film Festival aims to enhance public and voluntary participation and foster the development of a more critical thinking among public about media and audiovisual.
Budget: 60.000€ (Regional Council of Education, Science and Culture of Castile-la Mancha -20.000€)

- School children and students of Torrijos and Toledo.
- Cinema enthusiasts of Toledo, Torrijos and Miguelturra.
- Directors of short films including a social topic selected in the official section and/or awarded.
-Actors, projectionists.
- Relief agencies, multicultural associations, NGO´s.
- Prisoners of the Cuenca penal institut

Evidence of success

-The quality of the cultural offer: short, feature and documentary films which are selected in function of their quality level: the spectators are aware of the difficulty to provide them with a high-level cinema and as a consequence value a lot this feature
-The personal relationships with the film makers who send their work and who are selected
-The strong involvement of a lot of regional actors from the social, educational and cultural field and a good networking between them based on personal contacts
-The strong support of local, regional and national public authorities, associations and banks
-The advertising campaign launched in advance, based on a good communication plan and implemented through a large range of media (radio, TV, newspapers, etc.)
-The dates of the Festival seem to be very adequate to reach a large audience because it takes place between the most important Spanish Film festivals (San Sebastian, Sitges, etc.) without competing with them

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

FECISO: Non-profit making film association with a social view created at the beginning in Torrijos mainly supported by the Department of Cultural Promotion within the Regional Council of Education, Science and Culture of Castile la Mancha

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