Arts Lottery Capital Programme

Project information

Index: 0853R2
Priority:1: Innovation and the knowledge economy
Sub Theme:Employment, human capital and education
Location UNITED KINGDOM WALES Cardiff and Vale of Glamorgan East Wales Start/End date of the practice
Start: 01/01/1999
End: 31/12/2010

Topic of the practice

Economic regeneration; Increased opportunities for people to participate in the arts; Social inclusion; Employment; Social and economic development of rural areas; Minority Language development; Private investment in disadvantaged communities; Regeneration of the arts sector; Tourism economy Improve social inclusion and increase opportunities for people to participate in the arts by the creation and development of new cultural centres throughout Wales, Support the visitor economy by raising the standard of cultural and visitor facilities in areas heavily reliant on tourism., Raise regional profile and confidence in deprived areas by making a powerful statement about the community’s capacity and its ability to produce something of genuine quality.

Good Practice Information

Through its primary objective of improving the artistic and financial stability of the arts in Wales, the Capital Programme works to transform the social and economic landscape of the country. Investment in state of the art cultural facilities has boosted employment, led the way in regeneration initiatives, supported the tourism and visitor economy and revitalised the arts sector.
Specific objectives: Rejuvenate the arts sector by enabling venues to expand on the range of work presented, and make better use of their improved facilities to enter into new creative partnerships and develop their own production projects, Create local employment by developing the capacity of arts centres, expanding on programming capabilities and creating new facilities, Stimulate economic regeneration and attract private investment by playing a flagship role in regeneration initiative.
Budget: During the period between 1999 and 2009 a total of £53,711,910 was invested in Capital projects through the Arts Council Lottery Capital programme. A total of 754 projects were funded and the total capital cost of these projects was £264,297,862, averaging £350,527 per project. Average Arts Council capital funding support was £71,236.

Beneficiaries: The target group for Capital Lottery funding includes:Community groups, clubs or societies, Registered charities, Non-profit-distributing groups or trusts, Local authorities, Education institutions,
Public-sector agencies. The final beneficiaries of the project in the long term include:local community groups, tourists, local workforce, disadvantaged groups, local audiences

Evidence of success

The March 2010 Arts Council of Wales Capital Review established that the Arts Lottery Capital programme has, with the support of the Welsh Assembly Government and other funders, transformed the cultural landscape in Wales and provided the country with a high quality network of venues for the 21st century. All parts of Wales have benefited from capital investment, with major live arts facilities now in most areas and a network of galleries capable of presenting work of the highest international standing.
Investment in production facilities and creative workspace has increased resources for producing companies and arts practitioners and investment into community facilities has ensured wider access to the arts for all. The creation of new education and workshop facilities has enabled venues to increase the range and volume of opportunities to participate in the arts and widened access to the arts for the population of Wales.

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Eluned Haf

Arts Council of Wales


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