Modernization of the Public Garden

Project information

Index: 0835R2
Priority:2: Environment and risk prevention
Sub Theme:Cultural heritage and landscape
Location ROMÂNIA MACROREGIUNEA DOI Braila Sud-Est Start/End date of the practice
Start: September 2011
End: February 2013

Topic of the practice

Support for sustainable development of urban growth poles

Good Practice Information

The "Monument" Park is the biggest recreation area of Braila Municipality having a total surface of 53 hectares. The green areas of the park are mostly represented by big trees with luxurious canapy which ensure a different microclimate during the summer, the daily average temperature being lower with 3-4o C and the relative humidity of the air being with 8-14% higher than the rest of the city. The rehabilitation and modernization of the "Monument" Park is included in the Integrated Urban Development Plan of Braila municipality aiming to improve the urban public infrastructure. The project is eligible to be funded from Structural Funds within Regional Operational Programme 2007-2013, Priority Axis no.1 Supporting the sustainable development of cities- urban growth poles Intervention Field no.1.1 Integrated urban development plans, Sub-field "Urban development poles". The total amount of the project is about 2 mil€. The overall objective is the rehabilitation, upgrading
and equipping of urban public infrastructure.The project contributes to the achievement of the medium term objectives: to increase the urban citizens comfort, to increase the opportunities for outdoor leisure, to develop the tourism and recreational activities, to reduce the maintenance costs, to improve the urban landscape, to have a sustainable development of Braila city. The specific objectives are focused on: the rehabilitation of irrigation system, modernization of water network, upgrading the sewerage network, rehabilitation of the fountain, rehabilitation of precast concrete fence, restoration of the paths and pedestrian, landscape planning, modernization of the playgrounds for children, procurement of specific furniture.The direct beneficiaries are: the citizens of Braila municipality, companies involved in recreational area, local authorities. The indirect beneficiaries: tourists, potential investors, organizers of sporting, educational or social events.

Evidence of success

Braila City Hall has great experience in developing and implementing projects funded under Phare Programme, Sub-component Large Scale Infrastructure. The integrated approach and the objective results ensure the success of the good practice: total length rehabilitated and pedestrian walkways: 36,945.40 square meters; 5000 meters of irrigation system rehabilitated; 100 meters of water network rehabilitated; 250 meters of sewerage network rehabilitated; 1 fountain rehabilitated; 185 pieces park furniture; 25 hectares redesigned green areas

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Aurel Gabriel SIMIONESCU - Mayor Iuliana NEAGU- Executive Director, Strategies, Programmes and Development Projects, International Relations Dep

Braila municipality territorial administrative unit;

Annex completed on: 03-24-2011

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