Project information

Index: 0811R2
Priority:1: Innovation and the knowledge economy
Sub Theme:the Information Society
Location SLOVENIA SLOVENIJA Start/End date of the practice
Start: 2006-12-07

Topic of the practice

Bank of Tourism Potentials in Slovenia promotes networking of ideas and their realisation opportunities in (Slovene) tourism arena. One can offer and search for ideas, energies, knowledge and news. The platform supports a number of more or less direct ways of communication and integration among BTPS users/members.

Good Practice Information

BTPS offers opportunities for all turism-related organizations and individuals to exploit the ideas of youth, the ideas of users, and the ideas of the experts. On one hand, ideas are submitted to the Bank and available for exploitation and realization, on the other, those who can assist in the implementation of ideas with knowledge, networking or financial resources are sought through this exchange of promising deposits.
In order to bring ideas to life, a mechanism needs to exist through which the ideas are exchanged, made seen and available for exploitation. The main aim of BTPS is to enable the exchange of ideas, to bring together those who have a promising idea and those who can bring these ideas to life. Financial support, such as the award Snovalec (creator), helps innovative individuals and companies realize their ideas; counselling to most promising ideas is available; award Sejalec (Sower) recognizes the best innovative products in tourism field in Slovenia. Through this new approach, various stakeholders engaged in tourism development in Slovenia are connected.
The most important factor in the development of the innovative practice was the fact that it was recognized as a potentially successful and useful tool at national level (STB, Ministry). It was when these actors realized that innovativeness can increase the competitiveness of the sector that the proposed measures were supported. With such positive response ti was easy to start innovative actions and experiment with a different approach to furthering innovation in tourism.
The online platform offers several deposits as follows:
1.)i-dea deposits - registered users can deposit their innovative tourism ideas and offer them either free of charge, for a symbolic amount or for a commercial price
2.) €-nergy deposits - users can offer financial or material resources but also labour. Through this, they support originality, excellence and the development of tourism in Slovenia.
3.) knowledge deposits are available, such as survey and poll results, personal experience, assignments...
4.) news on the innovativeness and development of Slovenian tourism are regularly published by BTPS operators and by BTPS users
5.) Sejalec - annual award for most innovative tourism products and services in Slovenia
6.) Snovalec - annual financial support for most innovative tourism ideas in Slovenia
7.) BTPS Challenges - real-life challenges set by Slovenian tourism companies and solved by broader audience
8.) Innovative travel around Slovenia - innovative tourism products integrated into travel packages
9.) BTPS blog - written by foreigners brought to Slovenia via Bank mechanisms (challenge winners, young entrepreneurs..)

Evidence of success

Since its launch in 2006, BTPS has had over 750 registered users, 234 idea deposits, 39 energy deposits and 80 knowledge deposits. 266 news bulletins were published. In its frame, over 20 tourism products and services were awarded the Sejalec award and 8 promising deposits received the Snovalec award, some of them already brought to life by Dec 2010. Additional products were developed as a result of local innitiatives, such as those of Municipality of Koper and Municipality of Ljubljana. Several business plans were written under the mentorship of BTPS counsellers.
BTPS enables networking and exchange of ideas among various stakeholders in the tourism arena. The value of such a mechanism is difficult to measure solely in numbers. Positive response from small tourism providers who report on long-term cooperation with other SMEs as a result of BTPS, activation of the power of youth through BTPS Challenges that has resulted in real, useful ideas and suggestions to be actually implemented in tourism economy in Slovenia, lately also freshly detected interest for cooperation by big tourism companies and international recognition by UNWTO and EC - all these prove that BTPS is on the right way.

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