Applied Research in the Cultural Heritage and Environmental Opportunities for the TOURism (ARCHEOTOUR)

Project information

Index: 0811R2
Priority:1: Innovation and the knowledge economy
Sub Theme:the Information Society
Location ELLADA KENTRIKI ELLADA Patras Dytiki Ellada Start/End date of the practice
Start: 2008-04-01
End: 2008-09-30

Topic of the practice

Creation of a network of infrastructures that promote and exploit the cultural heritage with the use of new technologies. Creation of background images in order to promoted the growth of traditional cultural elements: Representation of the Byzantine Church of St. Nikolaos and the Castle of Patras in 3D models with a virtual tour for each monument in the interior and the exterior space.

Good Practice Information

• "ARCHEOTOUR" program was initiated because: - There was a rich cultural heritage (in the two regions of Puglia and Achaia) that was not effectively exploited, - The innovative applications of ICT in the use of cultural heritage are numerous.
• The budget of the project was 370.800,00 euros
• The project is based on the following axes of interventions: - Creation of a network of infrastructures for the reception, the recovery, the promotion and the exploitation of cultural heritage, - The creation of structures for the connection, the promotion and the growth of traditional cultural elements
• Main objective is the appointment and exploitation of secondary forgotten cultural heritage beginning from the Byzantine period, via means of common tourist cross-border tour. In the region of Achaia the selected monuments are the Byzantine church of Saint Nikolaos and the Castle of Patras
• Main beneficiaries were the Municipality of Patras, RACTI, citizens and tourists of Patras.
Benefits description: The 3D representation of the monuments is expected on the one hand to increase RACTI's experience and reputation and on the other hand to increase the tourism of the Municipality of Patras and of the region of Achaia. More specifically the project: - Exploits the tourist systems of the region through the "promotion of regions beyond the borders", - Helps to economically and professionally develop the regions, through the exploitation of a forgotten cultural heritage
• Based on the "ARCHEOTOUR" project, countries with rich cultural heritage or countries with sights and could follow this initiative in order to promote this heritage. They could offer tourists an alternative way of touring in the interior and exterior spaces of these monuments. To sum up, such projects will increase the reputation of monuments and the tourism in the regions that they will be applied

Evidence of success

All the objectives were fulfilled and there was no deviation from the initial plan. In detail:
• Representation of two 3D models (the Byzantine Church of St. Nikolaos and the Castle of Patras)
• The monuments that are represented by virtual reality can be accessed by the users via the web browser
• Virtual tour for each monument in the interior and the exterior space
• Possibility to the remote users to sightsee all the monuments
• Dissemination activities and indicators reached (newsletter, brochures, etc.)

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Prof. Christos Bouras

Research Academic Computer Technology Insitute

Annex completed on: 03-17-2011

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