Bioenergy for the Region Cluster.

Project information

Index: 0806R2
Priority:1: Innovation and the knowledge economy
Sub Theme:Innovation, research and technology development
Location POLAND CENTRALNY Lodzkie Lodzkie Start/End date of the practice
Start: 2007-04-01
End: On going

Topic of the practice

Research Technology Development and Innovation. Cluster Support.

Good Practice Information

The Bioenergy for the Region (BfroR) Cluster, established in April 2007, is
a bottom-up cooperative initiative, open to companies, farmers, R&D institutions, local administration and business support institutions of Lodz Region.
The main objective of the cluster is to support sustainable bioenergy development of the Lodz Region in Poland in the context of implementation of an integrated energy and climate change package of the European Commission to cut emissions for the 21st Century. The territorial area of the project covers the Lodz Region, however to reach its goals, it is carried out also abroad, to benchmark the best eco-energy practices. The projects carried out by the Cluster are an integrated sets of activities addressed to members of the BforR and all stakeholders interested in development of renewable energy sector in Poland and the EU.
Examples of initiatives undertaken within the network:
• Manager of Renewable Energy – A training project for adults, financed within European Social Fund, hosted by experts and practitioners of AEC Pro-Akademia, Technical University of Lodz, Institute for Fuels and Renewable Energy, Institute of Sanitary Heating Technology, ZAE Ergom Ltd.;
• Integrated Programme for PhD Students’ Development – The main aim of the project is to strengthen co-operation of science and economy in the framework of the Cluster. Young scientists supported by project scholarships conduct research in the field of renewable energies.
• BforR Cluster Forum – meetings on the specific innovation subjects, e.g. CCS, energy crops, hybrid RES technologies.

Evidence of success

Main results of the network’s activity:
• Increased number of members and supporting entities
• Participation in the European and global Renewable Energy Sources initiatives.
• Increased number of the projects financed within the EU and national programmes connected with sustainable development and energy efficiency policy

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Ewa Kochańska

Cluster Manager, Pro-Akademia

Annex completed on: 03-07-2011

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