Aalto Design Factory

Project information

Index: 0806R2
Priority:1: Innovation and the knowledge economy
Sub Theme:Innovation, research and technology development
Location SUOMI / FINLAND MANNER-SUOMI Helsinki Etelä-Suomi

Topic of the practice

Good Practice Information

The Design Factory is one of three factories set-up at Aalto University, functioning as an experimental platform for education, research and application for inter-disciplinary product design. It was initiated in 2008 and grew out of an earlier project named ‘Future Lab of Product Design’. The mission of the Design Factory is to develop creative ways of working, spatial solutions, and enhanced inter-disciplinary interaction to support world-class product design. The factory hosts a number of courses, research projects and start-up companies.
At the Design Factory, state-of-the-art conceptual thinking is combined with a cross-disciplinary hands-on approach. This creates an innovative environment where a mix of scholars, talents and companies come together to find, incubate and realise new ideas. Aalto University operates and funds the Design Factory; as a foundation-based university, the original funding comes from the state as well as from private individuals, companies, and other foundations.

Evidence of success

Since 1995, 150 projects have been completed as part of the IDBM Program. During this
time, over a hundred companies have participated as sponsor partners; out of which
numerous companies have participated more than once due to the positive feedback of
the project outcome. Up to date, 680 students from design, business and technology
have participated to the program creating an extensive alumni network.

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Pirjo Helander-Björkwall

Aalto University



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