MITZ – integrated Fraunhofer PAZ

Project information

Index: 0787R2
Priority:1: Innovation and the knowledge economy
Sub Theme:Innovation, research and technology development
Location GERMANY SACHSEN-ANHALT Schkopau Sachsen-Anhalt Start/End date of the practice
Start: 01/01/2002

Topic of the practice

Application oriented research

Good Practice Information

Regarding a positive business development and increasing competitiveness it is crucial for (research oriented, innovative) SMEs to get closer links to scientific establishments and larger companies or chemical parks (like DOW/ ValuePark). The business incubator mitz with the integrated R&D centre ensures both as well as provides business areas (offices, laboratories) for settlement of start-ups/ young companies in the surrounding of R&D and chemical park. Mitz started operating the extension building mitz II with the integrated Fraunhofer pilot plant centre for polymer synthesis and polymer processingat the site ValuePark® Schkopau in june 2005. This PPP-project is in this way unique in Europe. It’s a joint project of mitz and the Fraunhofer Society. Financed with a donation from public funds (Gemeinschaftsaufgabe) for improvement of the regional economic structure and supported with donations from the ERDF, the Saxony-Anhalt State and the Federal Ministry of Research and Technology.
The complex mitz II offers in addition to the Fraunhofer pilot plant centre also technical areas, laboratory, workshop and office space for SMEs from chemical and plastics branch. The Fraunhofer PAZ is a joint initiative of the Fraunhofer institutes IWM Halle and IAP in Golm. By bringing modern polymer synthesis and processing technology together under one roof, the pilot plant centre is able to offer solutions for complex problems at every stage of value-creation from polymers.

Aim: The installation of an application oriented R&D unit for polymer synthesis and processing (Fraunhofer Society) integrated in an incubator (MITZ) located in a region characterized by chemicals and plastics industry fosters:
relationships between plastics research – plastics producing – plastics application; application oriented research and development; settlement of chemicals/ plastics related companies in the region, especially in mitz building II.

Evidence of success

Further effects:
- mitz as link between SMEs – HEIs – R&D;
- higher value for plastic processing companies in Central Germany by direct link to polymer manufacturers/ processors and related research establishments;
- creation of a regional core of a research and development network;
- Creating an image of the region
- „We talk chemistry“ … competence in chemistry and plastics and increased economically competitive.

The Saalekreis District has developed into a centre of polymer manufacturing, processing and research and important part of the Central German Chemical Triangle (an industrial conurbation around the cities Halle – Merseburg/ Leuna – Bitterfeld).

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

1) Kathrin Schaper-Thoma 2) Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Bartke

1) MITZ 2) Fraunhofer Pilot Plant Centre

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