Horses as a driving force

Project information

Index: 0777R2
Priority:1: Innovation and the knowledge economy
Sub Theme:Employment, human capital and education
Location NORWAY County of Hedmark Start/End date of the practice
Start: 2006
End: 2012

Topic of the practice

Creation of a horse culture in a region as a way of creating new employement

Good Practice Information

The horse project is a regional cooperation project where 10/11 municipalities in three counties work together. An idea from Sweden inspired the pilot project 'Hesteriket' (The horse world) in 2006. Hesteriket is an organisation with members from the whole region. This project was implemented with the intention of starting a 4 year project with the following purposes:
- - strengthening of Storsteigen Upper Secondary School;
- - setting up and implementation of the Hestivalen (Horse Festival);
- - development of riding routes;
- - development of a common profile.
The result of the project was the establishment of the organisation called Hesteriket which is a voluntary organisation.
Main activities of the project were:
- - contribute to a Horse Festival every year in the project period;
- - building and marking paths and routes for horses in the Mountain Region;
- - contribute to increased business activities with and for horses;
- - develop Storsteigen Upper Secondary School as a centre for seminars and competence based on horse knowledge;
- - implement horse housing;
- - organization of improved logistics for horses;
- - develop the web site : "The horse in politics".
The target were the entrepreneur/the owners of the horse centres. The owners of the horse centres are idealists who work very hard on a voluntary basis (running a horse centre is a combination of business and hobby). A good number of horse centres are owned and run by women. A pulled off investigation shows that there was a considerable interest for horses among the women in the region.

Evidence of success

- increased the number of new inhabitants;
- created new working places for seasonal workers;
- brought advantages to veterinaries, teaching personnel, etc;
- the mountain region in Nord-Østerdal and the Røros-region shall become the leading destinations of the highest quality experiences with horses;
- 7 new horse centres have been created after the commencement of the project (5 of these are part of a farm);
- the municipalities participate actively by organizing riding routes and big building sites for people interested in horse activities;
- some of the municipalities have included interest for horse in their plans;
- the Storsteigen Upper Secondary School was involved.

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Nina Veslum

Board of the Mountainous Region, Fjellregionen Norway, or directly with the Hesteriket organisation Elin Grindvoll, tlf. 95889691, e-post,

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