Contemporaries - Programme on Ageing ("Kor-Társ Idősügyi Program")

Project information

Index: 0771R2
Priority:1: Innovation and the knowledge economy
Sub Theme:Employment, human capital and education
Location MAGYARORSZAG Start/End date of the practice
Start: 13/01/2012
End: 30/06/2012

Topic of the practice

demographic change

Good Practice Information

Carried out at national level. National Institute for Family and Social Policy announced a call for proposals aimed at supporting senior clubs to actively take part in leisure programmes. The aim is to facilitate and enable elderly persons to go out from home and take part in common actions together with others.
Moreover, the programme also enables target group members to actively participate in events held far away from their homes by providing financial support for expenditures related to travelling. Examples of activities: Cultural excursions of three generations and Pilgrimage of seniors of Grömböly in Máriapócs.

Evidence of success

800 applications were received, out of which 213 were funded. This means 213 different groups (senior clubs and other organizations) since only one application was allowed per applicant. The whole amount dedicated to this call was committed, in total 24 million Hungarian Forint was transferred to beneficiaries which equals to 85 000 €.

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Ministry of National Resources State Secretary for Social, Family and Youth affairs/ Nemzeti Erőforrás Minisztérium Szociális, Család- és Ifjúságügyért Felelős Államtitkárság. Intézet 1134 Budapest, Tüzér u. 33-35. or

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