Lobby and advocacy in the Province of Forlì-Cesena (Italy)

Project information

Index: 0763R2
Priority:2: Environment and risk prevention
Sub Theme:Natural and technological risks (including climate change)
Location ITALY NORD-EST Forli Emilia-Romagna Start/End date of the practice
Start: 1996
End: ongoing

Topic of the practice

Risk Mitigation Lobby and Advocacy

Good Practice Information

A case study in the Province of Forli-Cesena (Italy) focused on lobbying, advocacy and public-private partnerships for implementing and financing mitigation plans related to hydraulic risk. In order to mitigate hydraulic risks in the province, extensive mediation activities were undertaken, involving all stakeholders, to define detention areas along main rivers that are acceptable for all stakeholders while ensuring the lowest level of risks.

Evidence of success

This lobby and advocacy practice successfully used specific analyses and feasibility studies to identify the best way to mitigate risk in this field at regional policy level. It showed for example that by designing detention basins wide enough – to be placed in the areas already dedicated by previous studies and agreements between administrations – the rate of discharge flow to the sea could decrease from 190 m3/s to 90 m3/s.

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Elisa Cagnini

Province of Forli-Cesena



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