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Index: 0757R2
Priority:1: Innovation and the knowledge economy
Sub Theme:Entrepreneurship and SMEs

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Support to SMEs

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Future in Textiles Association (FIT) is a non-profit organization that brings together fashion designers, textile and clothing producers and education experts and organizations. Until now there a three major instruments that we use to help our members but also new young designers in need of public recognition:
a. Offering, completely free of charge, at least four slots for young designers to present their debut collection at each Romanian Fashion Week edition.
b. Offering support, provided by the textiles and clothing producers members of our association or our partners associations, to young designers to produce and sell their collections in specialized shops and boutiques under their name and the benefactor’s name, thus helping both entities.
c. Offering support to our members and other entities in the industry to access foreign markets thru a public support scheme (covering exhibition, advertising and transport costs involved by going to international fairs and exhibitions.
Young designers send their Books and collection sketches to a commission appointed by our association. 4-5 of the most creative and complete proposed collections are selected to be financed and shown on the Romanian Fashion Week catwalk. All the costs involved are covered either directly by FIT or by industry members of FIT.
Young independent designers that are selected or apply for one of the young designers slots at Romanian Fashion Week are presented to industry members and offered the chance to work with them. Thus, textile and clothing companies get the chance to have new collections on the market and young designers can start a label in cooperation with established industry names in Romania.
Companies can access thru FIT public funding, by identifying one year in advance, the fairs and exhibitions that are suited for their business and, if there are at least seven companies interested in such event, ask FIT to include it in the list of fairs and exhibitions..

Evidence of success

a. 28 young designers made their debut on the Romanian Fashion Week catwalk, 24 of them are now established names on the Romanian fashion market.
b. More than 40 young designers were presented to textile and clothing industry companies out of which more than 25% established a joint label with such companies.
c. More than 50 companies where subsidised thru our growing exports programme. The total budget used for this project in the last two years has topped 1 million euro.

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Mihai Lupu

FIT Association

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