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Index: 0757R2
Priority:1: Innovation and the knowledge economy
Sub Theme:Entrepreneurship and SMEs
Location UNITED KINGDOM EAST MIDLANDS Nottingham Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire

Topic of the practice

“The Confetti Media Group” is a unique combination of resources that support the media, film and TV industries through a forward-thinking centre for learning, which runs alongside commercial recording studios, a film production company and a creative business networking centre.

Good Practice Information

Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies was set up as a learning institute by industry professionals to provide a dedicated training facility with direct industry engagement through guest lectures, visits, work-placements and job prospects offered by the other companies in the Confetti family and Confetti’s extended network of creative industry clients and contacts. The Confetti Media Group also includes the 5 businesses in the Confetti portfolio: Spool Production – pre and post production service for sound and visual editing; Constellation – installs studios in education institutions; Denizen – record label; Antenna – Social and meeting space/ restaurant, events and networking for creative professionals, providing incubator and business space for early stage businesses; Amplify – consultancy and mentoring for new start businesses. Confetti’s objectives are to enhance education, technical skills and entrepreneurship in target industries.
While Confetti caters for TV, media & film industries; music, art & performance; and computer games subsectors, Antenna is popular among all types of creative industry businesses. Confetti’s success factors include the cross-subsidy between the different business activities: with profitable ventures funding not-for-profit activities, such as business support for SMEs. Confetti has also been successful in attracting other sources of funding for specific projects, e.g. UK National Lottery; ERDF; Nottingham City Council and Arts Council England. Other success factors include the drive and commitment of Confetti’s CEO; its location outside London (this helps to bring costs down and add to the available talent pool); and high quality facilities to attract businesses and students. The Organza evaluators rated this instrument highly transferable and a desirable business model in the changing business support climate.

Evidence of success

The list of accolades for productions, such as film 'Tyrannosaur' and TV drama 'This is England' in which Confetti has been involved is testament to its commercial success. Furthermore, Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies has become one of the most forward thinking educational institutes in the UK with over sixty staff, delivering courses to over 1000 students a year. Antenna has a membership base of several hundreds of creative freelancers, professionals and students, many of whom participate in monthly events. The recent announcement of Nottingham’s City Deal (July 2012) will see further growth in Antenna facilities.

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