Hedmark Gold Card

Project information

Index: 0733R2
Priority:1: Innovation and the knowledge economy
Sub Theme:the Information Society
Location NORWAY Hedmark

Topic of the practice

Increased competiveness of the region as a tourist destination.

Good Practice Information

Hedmark Reiseliv, the regional destination company, looking for new ways to distribute information to tourists en route in Hedmark, launched a new mobile service combined with a discount card in January 2010. The Villmarksriket Hedmark “Gold card” is distributed free of charge at tourist offices and at other tourism-related locations, such as shops and tourist attractions around Hedmark, as well as at travel fairs.
Using the Gold card, tourists can get a discount at a number of selected private and public tourist services in Hedmark, such as accommodation, restaurants, activities, museums and shops. The partners and the discount coupons are listed on a mobile webpage,that can be accessed after a registration via SMS. All offers have a maplink url which opens up a map showing the location of the selected tourist attraction or business. Google Map on smartphones also makes it easy for tourists to navigate to the tourist attraction. The SMS service provides information about the tourist’s location and the data can be analysed to learn more about how tourists move around in the region.

Evidence of success

Too expensive to use for foreigners. This can be tackled with free Wi-Fi in the region. A well-functioning cooperation between the operator of the web-side and the institutions and SMEs providing offers is essential.

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Ingrid Lundvall

Hedmark City Council


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