Project information

Index: 0733R2
Priority:1: Innovation and the knowledge economy
Sub Theme:the Information Society
Location ITALY NORD-EST Venice Veneto Start/End date of the practice
Start: 2009-02-01

Topic of the practice

//venice>connected is an integrated platform for tourism flows management and it offers the tourists the chance to book and buy on line the different services available in Venice with discounts and benefits

Good Practice Information

//venice>connected is an initiative by the City of Venice for helping visitors to reserve the services they are interested in, and to help the City to organize services according to the actual number of visitors expected. The project aims at offering a better approach to the city and higher quality services. In the implementation of //venice>connected are involved the Local Administration of Venice, ACTV Spa - the local public transport company, ASM Spa - the limited company of the City Administration which is involved in mobility services, the Foundation of the Venetian Civic Museums, the Municipal Casinò of Venice, Venis Spa - the limited company of the City Administration which is involved in the deployment, the development and the technical management of the ICT network system and COSES - Consortium for Research and Educational Training - which conducts research studies and manages projects on the issues of sustainable development and on tourism system as urban development support.
Through //venice>connected, the City of Venice offers the chance to book and buy the different services provided by the subjects involved in the project - such as public transport tickets, access to the municipal car park, entrance to the Civic Museums, etc. - at a discounted price according to the period of the trip: prices are based on a calendar related to the sustainability index, which is obtained through an esteem of the seasonality of the tourist flow. The Tourism Office of the City of Venice manages directly the platform in cooperation with Venis and the providers of the public services involved in the project. The project has been and it is still financed through public funds. In the first year of activity, //venice>connected reached an income of 2.4 millions €, 470.000 visits, 300.000 absolute unique visitors with an average of 1.800/2.000 daily visits, a high number of viewed pages (an average of 10 pages per user) and a low bounce rate (20%).

Evidence of success

The City of Venice has developed //venice>connected with the aim to offer a better approach to the city and higher quality services according to a global policy of sustainable management of tourism in Venice. According to an elaboration edited by COSES, in the first year of operation, more than 80 thousand of arrivals and 318 thousand of overnights had planned their visits through //venice>connected. In the future the platform will have to increase the number of arrivals welcomed and in particular the number of day trippers. In 2010 (second year of operation), the number of visits on //venice>connected was more than 638 thousand, with 5,7 million of page views, 4 million € of turnover and 90 € of average expen-diture.

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Nicola Callegaro Paola Ravenna

City of Venice

turismosostenibile@comune.venezia.it international.relations@comune.venezia.it politiche.comunitarie@comune.venezia.it

www.comune.venezia.it www.veniceconnected.com

Annex completed on: 03-15-2011

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