Management and Law of Energies and Sustainable Development (Master Degree, University of Strasbourg)

Project information

Index: 0713R2
Priority:2: Environment and risk prevention
Sub Theme:Energy and sustainable transport
Location FRANCE EST Strasbourg Alsace Start/End date of the practice
Start: 20/09/2009
End: Ongoing

Topic of the practice

Training for responsible management in a green economy

Good Practice Information

The aim of the course in Management and Law of Energies and Sustainable Development (French acronym: GEDD), available to students in the 2nd year of their Master’s degree, is to train energy management specialists at a time when economic players are coming under pressure to consider sustainable development. Students completing this course will be well placed to mediate between politicians and decision-makers responsible for these issues on the one hand and engineers and technicians on the other. The training is multidisciplinary and includes teaching in Economics and Business Administration, but also in Law (both private and public). In addition, students must acquire the technical knowledge to understand new energy technologies (smart grid, green IT, wind power, geothermal energy, photovoltaics, biomass, etc.), the “carbon” energies, the structure of energy networks, and energy efficiency. Students will gain first-hand experience of the work environment in different sectors, in order, firstly, to acquire the general, cross-sector skills required by jobs in energy and sustainable development, and secondly, to integrate into the professional world. In addition, they will develop methods for working in teams in innovative projects with the aid of ICT tools. Apart from language teaching, the training includes courses specialising in English, and there is also a teaching unit on the international and European context for energies. As some of the partners are involved in European projects geared towards renewable energies, energy efficiency and smart grids, they enable students to draw on their market observation and to access expert networks in these fields.

Evidence of success

This Master’s degree not only enables students to acquire the knowledge they require in order to pursue a professional career in energy and sustainable development, but also promotes the integration of environmental aspects and sustainable development within existing skills. In the current context, this “greening” component is a real driver in responding to the needs of a low-carbon economy. Since it was launched 3 years ago, over 40 students have already been trained.

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Catherine Ledig

Centre du droit de l'entreprise, Université de Strasbourg

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