Cross-Border Waterways Management

Project information

Index: 0709R2
Priority:2: Environment and risk prevention
Sub Theme:Water management
Location IRELAND IRELAND Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland Border, Midland and Western Start/End date of the practice
Start: 02.12.1999.

Topic of the practice

Governance - cross border management.

Good Practice Information

The objective of the practice is to demonstrate the economic, social, environmental, political and governmental benefits and implications of cross-border management of waterways in Ireland and Northern Ireland. Waterways Ireland’s model of governance, as a navigation authority has been successful for 12 years and is one of the few examples that exist of a transboundary / transjurisdictional organisation operating as a single entity in two government jurisdictions. Under this model, governance and funding is shared between two governments across the jurisdictional divide between Ireland and Northern Ireland. Regarding the financial framework, the funding for the organisation is provided by the governments of Ireland and Northern Ireland through the two government sponsoring departments.There are a number of tourism/recreational bodies and private sector organisations in existence in the two jurisdictions which also stimulate and / or provide a recreational / tourism waterways product.
Progress has been made towards cooperative development initiatives, with an increased number of both capital and marketing projects in recent years being delivered in partnership with local councils, leisure tourism bodies and regional development authorities. This has the effect of achieving greater and higher quality outputs for less financial investment per partner, and the sharing of knowledge and expertise and vision across different organisations and skill disciplines.Waterways Ireland has delivered on its Corporate and Business Plan objectives and delivered infrastructural outputs throughout the navigational network. The establishment of the organisation as a transjurisdictional body operating as a single entity in two government jurisdictions has resulted in an increased understanding and acceptance of the cultural and historical perceptions, differences and similarities between the people living and working in each jurisdiction.

Evidence of success

Demonstrable results from infrastructural output to date are as follows;from 2000-2009, approximately €90 million has been invested in the development and restoration of inland waterways. This has resulted in the construction of over 10,000 metres of additional public moorings throughout the navigational network;bank strengthening,bank protection,dredging works;towpath & amenity enhancements to include additional lighting and Closed Circuit TV; repairs to existing infrastructure including harbours, quays, dock walls; development of new harbours, marinas & slipways; installation of new lock gates & weir booms; development of a new Waterway Patroller facility, Service Blocks and Pump-Out Stations; the replacement of 9 low level bridges which blocked navigation on the Royal Canal in Ireland since its closure in 1961.

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Paula Treacy

Waterways Ireland

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