Project information

Index: 0705R2
Priority:2: Environment and risk prevention
Sub Theme:Biodiversity and preservation of natural heritage (including air quality)
Location ESPAÑA ESTE Solsona Cataluña Start/End date of the practice
Start: December 2009
End: November 2011

Topic of the practice

The Gallypir project seeks to harmonize in the Pyrénées the monitoring and habitat management systems of three species of mountain galliforms. Actions on cables and fences should have a positive impact on the mortality of mountain Gallyformes, but also have beneficial effect on other birds. Measures to improve habitat should increase adaptation capacity of communities and impact on demography.

Good Practice Information

The project had many actions, some transverse to all species concerned and spefici action focused to one specie (Capercaillie, Rock Ptarmigan, Grey Partridge, hazel grouse). Actions on cables and fences had a positive impact on the mortality of mountain Gallyformes, but also beneficial effect on other birds (owls, raptors…).
Measures to improve habitat (Capercaillie and Partridge) increased adaptation capacity of communities and impact on demography.The design of the project itself has been based in the experiences and lessons learned from previous and similar French projects.

Evidence of success

The project boosted the motivation of all partners involved getting a high level of consensus and approval of the implemented activities. Activities are carried out from the beginning to motivate the members about the objectives of their work. Main results: 277.6 ha of restored habitats for Tetras urogallo, management guide for forest managersa, 2214 observations or Lagopus mutus & Perdix perdix

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Jordi Camprodon

Forest Technology Centre of Catalonia

Annex completed on: 10-22-2012

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