Education Program of the Region Natural Heritage through the Environmental Classroom Network of the Region of Murcia

Project information

Index: 0705R2
Priority:2: Environment and risk prevention
Sub Theme:Biodiversity and preservation of natural heritage (including air quality)
Location ESPAÑA SUR Murcia Región de Murcia Start/End date of the practice
Start: 2007-04-02
End: 2011-09-30

Topic of the practice

Environmental education, training, qualification, capacity building, awareness raising

Good Practice Information

Project Description:
1. Environmental Classrooms and Workshops: Group visits to natural spaces, environmental routes and activities and environmental educational workshops.
2. Environmental Education Campaigns: audiovisual support, educational talks on specific topics that are taught in schools (colleges, institutes, ...).
3. Extraordinary Celebration Activities: In addition to the continuous supply of classrooms and Campaigns, the Network celebrates with institutions and centres the World Environmental Day, Environmental weeks, etc.. As long as they contribute to environmental awareness. The main objective of the project is to introduce the natural and cultural values of the environment and the relationship between them to generate positive behaviors and attitudes aimed at environmental conservation
and development of sensitivity, creativity and ability to assess the environment around us. The project contains methods and innovative or creative elements: the program is also available via the Internet through the website of the Network of Nature's Classroom of the Region of Murcia, which displays the activities that make-up the supply of the educational program, general rules, download of newsletters and brochures, photo galleries and information on bookings for schools. The implementation of the project is highly successful by the growing demand of these actions by the school community in the Region of Murcia. The teacher evaluation surveys that are given to the head of each school group that participates in the development of the program are very positive, confirming a high degree of satisfaction and having many suggestions and compliments. The number of students participating in the various activities has risen to more than 66,000 during the course 08/09.

Evidence of success

This project performs important communication campaigns in the schools and society in general to increase awareness about the problems of biodiversity loss. Brochures and publications, websites, workshops, guided itineraries, videos, events, games and more have been done in this regard. The main component is the promotion of the natural environment through the dissemination of its natural and environmental education, seeking the involvement and participation of society. The overwhelming preference is the knowledge through other teachers that already knew or had participated in the Program in previous courses. It is also remarkable that the work of revitalization that has been done in the schools of the region to publicize the program, which has led to many centres participating in the program.

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Martín López

DG for Nature Heritage and Biodiversity of the Region of Murcia

Annex completed on: 10-13-2011

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