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Project information

Index: 0699R2
Priority:1: Innovation and the knowledge economy
Sub Theme:Innovation, research and technology development
Location NETHERLANDS ZUID-NEDERLAND South Limburg, Municipality of Sittard-Geleen Limburg (NL) Start/End date of the practice
Start: 2008-01-01
End: ongoing

Topic of the practice

Open Chemical Innovation: "CHEMaterials Campus" - cooperative venture between DSM and Zuyd University to make the Chemelot Campus in Sittard-Geleen the number one Materials Valley of Europe.

Good Practice Information

Main goal is to interest companies actively in chemicals, materials and life sciences in the South Limburg region as an excellent location for business, research & development and education. New developed materials have resulted in leading positions worldwide in many different product and market combinations. The CHEMaterials Campus project involves 11 project components related to business creation and business awareness: realisation of an open lab, screening new ideas and/or businesses, building the Campus Community, coaching & training, organising events to stimulate innovation, acquiring and contributing knowledge, Service Boulevard, Chemical Innovation Congress, Networking and Open Chemical Innovation, Chemelot Colloquium and Smart regions for powerful clusters. Cluster-exceeding themes that relate to areas of innovation are defined and discussed in consultation with the various businesses in the cluster. These businesses are brought together via networks that hook up to the campus development. Bringing together all players of the triple helix on the Chemelot Campus fosters more innovation in the chemical sector.
Also a problem regarding a product innovation can be solved by bringing specific businesses or knowledger workers into contact. In that case, this involves creating setting initial ideas to be exchanged between entrepreneurs with a problem and entrepreneurs/scientists who can solve these problems.
The Chemelot Colloquium addresses specific technical-substantive subjects that are interesting for the knowledge workers at the Chemelot Campus. The community building focuses specifically on strengthening the Chemelot business community. These activities focus more on providing information about campus developments, individual business, etc. As part of this aspect there are coaching and training activities. These are geared specifically to Campus starters.
On the basis of the results and experiences from the total programme, a congres will be organised every two years.

Evidence of success

March 2010 declaration of joint interest to develop the Chemelot Campus was signed by Province of Limburg, University of Maastricht, University Hospital of Maastricht and DSM. A masterplan and a business case have been developed and resulted in an extra public investment of 180 million of euros. Currently there are 43 companies and knowledge institutions on the Campus with 1064 FTE.

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Dirk Plees

Province of Limburg -

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