Alelyckan Re-use Park in Gothenburg

Project information

Index: 0694R2
Priority:2: Environment and risk prevention
Sub Theme:Waste management
Location SWEDEN NORRA SVERIGE Gothenburg Municipality Start/End date of the practice
Start: 2007

Topic of the practice

Waste prevention - Household waste, bulky or other

Good Practice Information

The Re-use Park started in 2007.The aim is to give the inhabitants the possibility to donate reusable material before recycling,to buy donated (sometimes repaired) goods in thrift shops located within the recycling park.The park is owned by the municipality and the thrift shops pay rent for their use.
First all visitors pass by the 3 specialised (building material, second hand and repaired goods)
shops within the area.There they are asked if they have something to donate to second-hand sales. Products that are in good condition could then be sold for re-use in the thrift shops located at the entrance. The rest is sorted into different waste fractions for materials recycling or energy recovery. The park means that 5,5 % of materials that otherwise should have been recycled is re-used

Evidence of success

The Swedish Environmental Institute evaluated the centre in 2010:total inflow was 6.430 tonnes.The re-used amount was 358 tonnes,meaning that more than 5% of material that otherwise would have been thrown away were re-used;this is a reductions of 1.3 ktonne of carbon-dioxide and 9700 MWh compared to a conventional recycling center.The park also is used as a training for unemployed people

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