Innovation Platform

Project information

Index: 0682R2
Priority:1: Innovation and the knowledge economy
Sub Theme:Entrepreneurship and SMEs
Location IRELAND IRELAND Shannon region, Mid west region Southern and Eastern NUTS-II Region

Topic of the practice

A learning platform between Universities/Institutes of Learning and the Tourism Sector

Good Practice Information

The Innovation Platform is a and example on how to make market information available for the tourism sector and thus enabling them to make decisions for the future and to give research institutions insight in the needs of the tourism sector. It is an initiative between the National Centre for Tourism Policy Studies of the University of Limerick, Shannon Development Agency and the Tourism Sector. Together these stakeholders created a learning platform to ensure effective exploitation of the knowledge, expertise, market intelligence and research.
The key objective of this platform is the dissemination of information held by academic institutions to the tourism sector in a manner and form that will drive the development of the tourism industry in the region. This will be carried out through:
• the development of master classes and an ICT platform for the tourism sector;
• the development of training classes for various sectors on how best market knowledge can be linked to productivity and innovation;
• using and developing existing “Tourism Learning Networks” to enhance co-operative actions;
• establishing a deepening of the learning process through a specific MBA programme in Tourism Management for industry.

Evidence of success

Because of the platform both research organisations and the tourism sector learn from each other and improve therefore their performance. The tourism sector by making better decisions as they have a better understanding of the market situation. The research organisations targets their research better to the actual needs of the tourism sector.

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