Doonbeg project

Project information

Index: 0682R2
Priority:1: Innovation and the knowledge economy
Sub Theme:Entrepreneurship and SMEs
Location IRELAND IRELAND Shannon region, Mid west region Southern and Eastern NUTS-II Region

Topic of the practice

Proactive encouragement of private sector investments in tourism projects

Good Practice Information

This good practice is an example how public agencies can play a key role in proactively encouraging private sector investments in tourism projects by assembling the key elements and presenting and promoting investors prospectus to the private sector market.
The Regional Development Agency Mura is implementing activities to attract foreign direct investments already since 2004. These activities were mostly oriented towards industrial projects. The “Doonbeg case” has shown an insight into tourism related projects development and promotion, which are very interesting for the development of the Pomurje region. RDA Mura has already till now gathered 2 referential projects and is following the Doonbeg approach in cooperation with the municipalities in question in order to develop a sound project proposal for private investors.
The objective is to secure private sector investment in the tourism projects that have already been identified as a potential for creating new jobs and is at the same time based on sustainable approaches. The role of RDA Mura will be to undertake the market research, list potential projects, identification suitable locations, assemble the land required (if applicable), identify potential sources of grant funding and present and promote it to the private sector market in the form of a development prospectus. Submissions should be requested from interested private sector parties under normal public procurement procedures. Public-private partnerships for the development and ownership of the projects are also an option (even welcome) in this case.

Evidence of success

Because of the good practice private sector investments in tourism projects have increased. Furthermore It was considered a successful approach that has been transferred to other regions.

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