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Index: 0086R1
Priority:1: Innovation and the knowledge economy
Sub Theme:Innovation, research and technology development

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Good Practice Information

In February 2009 Lippe region was selected by the Bertelsmann Foundation as one of five CSR model regions in Germany. The official start of the regional initiative “CSR Lippe” followed in May 2009 with an upbeat event in which over 100 interested companies and representatives of other organisations (stakeholders) took part. In light of the regional challenges the companies formed five working groups, in which mutual work now takes place on a range of themes:

- Strategies for safeguarding the employment potential of older employees
- Improving the transition from education to employment
- Developing proposals for reconciling family and work
- Improving the integration of employees with a migrant background
- Improving the presentation of the social commitment of the company

The profiling of Lippe as a CSR model region makes an important contribution to marketing the location with a focus on central action fields, which are defined by the business owners themselves: Education – profession – quality of life

The initiative can make a contribution to technical and management personnel being retained in Lippe and to motivating technical and management personnel to move to Lippe and take up employment here. The individual working groups have thus far developed the following proposals:

- Proposal for employees, for the provision of short-term care for their children or older family members
- Incentive scheme for young people, to encourage them to study for natural science- based professions
- Qualification programme for older employees
- Exchange programme between companies for the improved integration of employees with a migration background
- Databank for the presentation of the social commitment of companies in Lippe
The success of the project is dependent in particular on the following factors:
- “Avowed” CSR companies
- Willingness of companies to participate
- Competent CSR contact partner on site
- Sincerity of social commitment
- Regional anchoring of companies

Evidence of success

Integrated into the CSR process in Lippe are not only the companies but also the community’s administration, the local politicians, the university of East Westphalia - Lippe, chambers and associations as well as social bodies. All work together in the working groups and at the milestone meetings. The project has offered extensive opportunities to discover new approaches for solving social problems in Lippe. Due to the mutual work of business owners and stakeholders the results are finding broad acceptance. The process is highly effective. Business owners are naming those social problems in their area with which they wish to be involved. In order to solve the challenges they meet with other groups, e.g. social bodies. All bring their knowledge to the problem-solving exercises and work together on integrated solution approaches.

In light of these circumstances, the CSR process in Lippe provides an interesting example of a quadruple-helix model.

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Thorsten Brinkmann

GILDE Business and Innovation Center Lippe – Detmold



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