City of Leeuwarden: ‘Open Innovators of the Future: Combining student excellence with social responsibility’

Project information

Index: 0086R1
Priority:1: Innovation and the knowledge economy
Sub Theme:Innovation, research and technology development
Location NETHERLANDS NOORD-NEDERLAND Leeuwarden Friesland

Topic of the practice

Good Practice Information

This pilot revolved around the challenge of achieving openness, entrepreneurship, connectivity with industry and recognition of the regional role of innovation. It showcases two different curriculum units at the local NHL University, namely the Excellence programme and the Undergraduate Entrepreneurship minor elective. Both of these rely on a process model called ‘WowPowHowNow’, a model covering the entrepreneur’s heart and feelings (Wow), ability to spot promising ideas and events in the outside world (Pow), insight into how to control unpredictability (How), and the mindset needed to be able to carry out a plan (Now). The outcome is students with professional skills and the ability to build bridges between actors representing all four pillars of the quadruple helix, as well as graduates with a strong sense of social responsibility.

Evidence of success

The results of the Entrepreneurship minor and the Excellence Programme can be
summarized as follows:
· Genuine involvement of students
· Commitment and motivation of lecturers
· Commitment and openness among citizens, government and industry on the one
hand and higher education on the other.
· Role models provided by higher education students for secondary school pupils.
· Role models for other students to show that it is possible to start your own
· Generating businesses that run well.
· Generating positive attention in the local media (regional newspapers and
· Involvement of industry in educational and social issues.
· Student exchange within Europe
· Encouraging entrepreneurship.
· Awareness raising of social responsibility.
· Talented students distinguishing themselves.
· Retention of ambitious students in the region.
· Profile raising of higher education in Leeuwarden.

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Wim Huizinga

City of Leeuwarden

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