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Index: 0624R2
Priority:2: Environment and risk prevention
Sub Theme:Energy and sustainable transport

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The "Initiative for Low Energy Training in Europe" (ILETE) received funding under the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme. The partner regions in the project are all committed to voluntary policies for the control of energy consumption, particularly in the building sector, and are determined to move quickly towards a significant reduction in energy consumption in construction, with a focus on renovation. The central aim of the project was primarily to tackle a lack of training in the field of low-energy consumption in the building sector. To achieve this, an expert group (all professors from the schools and universities of each partner region) developed training comprised of eight seminars about high-efficiency buildings, delivered for the benefit of architecture and engineering university students. The seminars were divided into basic and also advanced knowledge of low-energy buildings. The second objective of the project was to promote the exchange of know-how on low-energy consumption in buildings across Europe by implementing training programmes targeting the construction industry. The project partners produced a training package for low-energy consumption for buildings and other installations for the benefit of both experts and general workers in this field.

Evidence of success

A number of seminars were held on energy-efficiency: Sustainability, land-use planning and urban planning; Building concepts; Thermal and hygroscopic characterisation of building elements; Advanced aspects of building physics; Principles of building services; Advanced stage of building services; Planning high-performance buildings and dynamic energy simulation; Energy certification and calculations adjusted to local specifications. Each seminar was designed to be held on a standalone basis or as part of the combined course. The seminars were introduced at Politechnic University of Timisoara in the second semester of the 2009 -2010 educational year.

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Lucia Patruica


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