Free Energy Advisors

Project information

Index: 0624R2
Priority:2: Environment and risk prevention
Sub Theme:Energy and sustainable transport
Location SWEDEN NORRA SVERIGE Östersund Övre Norrland

Topic of the practice

Regional energy advisors

Good Practice Information

In Jämtland County, municipal energy and climate advisors provide free information about energy systems and energy efficiency. The advisor's role is to provide impartial information on every aspect, from heating systems to energy efficiency, based on local conditions. Advice is free of charge and targeted to individuals, organisations and small businesses in the county. These energy advisors can be found in each municipality of the region, with some employed by Jämtland County Energy Agency (Sw. Energikontoret), some employed directly by the municipalities and some working as self-employed consultants. The overall networking and co-ordination of these advisors/their activities is managed by the Jämtland County Energy Agency. The region is supported in financing this scheme by the national energy authority, the Swedish Energy Agency, which covers Jämtland County Energy Agency's costs for co-ordinating the advisors and - indirectly - also their salaries. It is indirect in the sense that municipalities apply for a sum equivalent to a 50% duty to partly cover their own costs (i.e. advisors' salaries are channelled through the municipalities.)

Evidence of success

In total there are six advisors providing free advice and, as they are based and work in the different municipalities of the region, this means they can provide in-depth knowledge about local conditions, which leads to more people taking their advice - and reducing their carbon footprint/saving money.

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Ingrid Ahnlund Rode

Jämtland County Energy Agency (Sw. Energikontoret)

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