FINO3 Research Platform

Project information

Index: 0624R2
Priority:2: Environment and risk prevention
Sub Theme:Energy and sustainable transport
Location GERMANY SCHLESWIG-HOLSTEIN Kiel Schleswig-Holstein

Topic of the practice

Renewable Energy

Good Practice Information

To help achieve the 2020 climate change/energy goal, the German Federal Government initiated the building of three research platforms in the North Sea and Baltic Sea. One of these is the "FINO 3" project, a research and development project run by the University of Applied Sciences, Kiel (with co-operation from other higher education institutions) on behalf of the German Federal Government. It is a technical platform for the research and measurement of, for example, lightning intensity, turbulence and meteorological data. It also collects bird migration and oceanographic data. The project also aims to gain knowledge and experience in the construction and operation of offshore installations. Also involved in the Fino 3 project are universities (Kiel University of Applied Sciences, Kiel University, Technical University Braunschweig,, research institutes, other research projects and wind energy networks. It is financed by the German Federal Ministry for Environment and Nature Protection, the Ministry of Science, Economics and Transport of Land Schleswig-Holstein, Projektträger Forschungszentrum Jülich, and the European Regional Development Fund. The construction and operation of the planned wind power plants offshore will place new demands on all parties involved in this process. The wind power plants and all their technical facilities will have to be further developed or even completely redesigned for use in offshore areas. Operational concepts must be drawn up and models for financing designed. Beyond this, research and industry often require data as a basis for their work, which is either not yet available or lacking sufficient quantity and quality.

Evidence of success

The FINO 3 project aims to reduce the associated risks and accelerate the development of the planned offshore wind farms. The research projects are expected to generate new and useful results as regards foundation structures, wind and wave loads, lightning intensity and a number of other offshore-related parameters. This gives the FINO 3 project enormous potential to promote the expansion of offshore wind power generation in Schleswig-Holstein.

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Wolfgang Schulz

Ministry of Science, Economic Affairs and Transport, Schleswig-Holstein

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