Financial incentives regionl scheme

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Index: 0624R2
Priority:2: Environment and risk prevention
Sub Theme:Energy and sustainable transport
Location ESPAÑA SUR Sevilla Andalucía

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Renewable Energy

Good Practice Information

The regional government of Andalucía originally launched a financial programme to support the construction of renewables installations in 1993, focusing on low-temperature solar thermal energy. Today this financial funding tool has evolved and covers much more than just renewables. It also covers energy efficiency improvement; transport energy efficiency; the switch to cleaner fuels; the development of energy grids; schemes to promote lower energy use; energy audits; research studies and energy information events. In 2010, the total funding available through the funding tool was around €80m. The funds are managed by the Andalucían Energy Agency, a government-owned entity assigned to the Regional Ministry of Economy, Innovation and Science. The Andalucían Energy Agency aims to optimise the region's energy supply (including associated economic and environmental aspects). It also aims to engage local people and encourage them to use energy efficiently, maximising their use of renewable energies. The funding for the scheme comes from three different public authorities: the EU (via ERDF funding); the National Ministry (via IDAE funds); and the Regional Ministry (via the Regional Ministry of Economy, Innovation and Science). Some of the beneficiaries of this scheme include: the people of Andalucía, associations, municipalities, non-profit organisations and private companies (especially SMEs).

Evidence of success

The Andalucían regional scheme of financial incentives and subsidies for renewables installations was the first such regional initiative established in Spain. There is evidence that this support has led to major success for renewables in Andalucía. For instance, it is the leading region in Spain for low-temperature solar thermal energy. This technology has been continually subsidised since 1993 and the now covers land in Andalucía of more than 700,000 square meters. Other successes in the region include: 629,69ktoe thermal biomass devices; 514 energy audits and energy-saving studies; 2,242 hybrid cars and taxis; and 164 high-efficiency heavy goods vehicles. The support for renewables in the region has also led to socioeconomic benefits, such as the creation of jobs and sustainable local enterprises.

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Marisa Borra

Andalucia Energy Agency

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