Energy Service Companies for biomass sector

Project information

Index: 0624R2
Priority:2: Environment and risk prevention
Sub Theme:Energy and sustainable transport
Location ESPAÑA CENTRO (ES) Castilla y Leon

Topic of the practice

Renewable Energy

Good Practice Information

The BIOMCASA programme has been created to cover integrated service needs, as defined as Energy Services Companies (ESCOs), for biomass customers. The programme aims to establish a financing system which promotes quality and is tailored to the needs of hot water and the cooling of buildings using biomass. BIOMCASA can be managed through ESCOs which fulfil the requirements proposed previously by the IDAE (Spanish Energy Agency). To finance the projects, put together by certified ESCOs, IDAE has provided 5 Million Euros, and three criteria must be met for funding: Up to 350,000 Euros are available per project; this must be paid back within 10 years; a cost saving of 10% must be passed onto the customer. A certified ESCO is a company in the field of biomass energy use which has the available capacity, structure and means to carry out the following services: basic and detailed facility design; supply, installation and commissioning of a facility’s "turnkey"; operation and maintenance; the biomass supply required for its operation; and invoicing for services, based on the energy consumed by the customer. IDAE also provides a technical guide (2009) for biomass heating installations in buildings. The region is supporting ESCO run projects by increasing the percentage of subsidies given compared to conventional RES projects.

Evidence of success

52 ESCOs have been authorised, employing 33 engineers, 26 installers, 41 maintenance staff, 8 equipment suppliers, and 5 biomass fuel suppliers. 248 companies are bidding in projects. 3,779 direct jobs have been created through ESCOs. Capital financing has amounted to €5.15M. The types of biomass involved are: 68% pellets or 2,824 tonnes/year, 24% chips or 3,872 tonnes/year, 8% olive kernels or 634 tonnes/year. The thermal energy generated is 26,134.5 MWh/year. There is 14.24 MW(thermal) of installed power. Financial savings for customers have amounted to 553,617 €/year and the avoided CO2 emissions, 8,261 tonnes/year.

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Puy Domínguez


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