Cluster Windcomm

Project information

Index: 0624R2
Priority:2: Environment and risk prevention
Sub Theme:Energy and sustainable transport
Location GERMANY SCHLESWIG-HOLSTEIN Kiel Schleswig-Holstein

Topic of the practice

Renewable Energy

Good Practice Information

A cluster is a regionally concentrated network linking different entities in a particular field of industry with other entities holding similar interests in associated industries, in politics and in associations. This is done with the objective of strengthening the competitiveness of the region. The cluster “Windcomm Schleswig-Holstein" (or "Windcomm sh”) is a network in the wind energy sector, created in 2005 to support the wind industry in the region. It is co-ordinated by the business development corporation “Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft Nordfriesland mbH”, which acts as Lead Partner. This type of district-based business development corporation is usually established as a limited liability company (using the German acronym “GmbH”). It is characterised by a particular ownership structure (jointly owned by municipalities/district counties and chambers of commerce or regional banking institutions). Its objectives are to attract settlement and investment in the area. The work of Windcomm sh consists of organising conferences and events, developing projects, providing representation at trade fairs, and providing strategy papers for their members and the region. Partners in this cluster are the wind energy industry, related industries (e.g. service enterprises and training institutions), and business development corporations, which are all active in the Schleswig-Holstein region. There is also close co-operation with related clusters in Schleswig-Holstein [e.g. “CEWind” (research) and the "Maritime cluster” (research and industry)]. The cluster is co-financed through ERDF (personnel and activities) - Operational programme objective "Innovation - regional & cluster management". However, the cluster is making efforts to raise funds in order to ensure the continuation of the network beyond the funding period.

Evidence of success

The Windcomm sh cluster strengthens the regional wind energy sector. It is a key actor in the wind energy market, facilitating future co-operation and economic activities, providing targeted information, establishing links and contacts for economic activity and initiating new concepts/ideas via joint discussion.

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Wolfgang Schulz

Ministry of Science, Economic Affairs and Transport, Schleswig-Holstein

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