Centre of Excellence of Biomass Schleswig-Holstein

Project information

Index: 0624R2
Priority:2: Environment and risk prevention
Sub Theme:Energy and sustainable transport
Location GERMANY SCHLESWIG-HOLSTEIN Kiel Schleswig-Holstein Start/End date of the practice
Start: 2006-10-01
End: ongoing

Topic of the practice

Renewable Energy

Good Practice Information

By taking a scientific approach, the Biomass Competence Centre aims comprehensively to tackle fundamental questions surrounding the future use of biomass and the associated infrastructure. The project is funded by the Schleswig-Holstein Land Government in phase I out of the "Regional Programme 2000-2006" and in phase II out of the "Programme for the Future – Economy 2007-2013". The centre is managed by the universities of applied sciences of Kiel, Flensburg, and Lübeck, and aims to safeguard the sustainable transfer of expertise between the universities, as well as between farmers, companies, agricultural enterprises and institutions of Land Schleswig-Holstein. It established a sustainable structure for collaboration with a strong network between companies and participating institutions of higher education and act as a central point of contact, co-ordinating the scientific aspects of biomass exploitation and the technology transfer within this field in Schleswig-Holstein. A multitude of individual projects are being carried out under the roof of the competence centre. They are clustered into four subject-related categories with the objective of low carbon and sustainable usage of biomass: Agricultural production, particle flux and recycling; Extraction of resources; Process technology; Energy industry. The results of these projects will enable companies in Schleswig-Holstein to develop raw materials and products and/or develop and/or run processes and thus increase the use and exploitation of biomass in Schleswig-Holstein. This will be crucial to both the energy sector and bio-refineries and will also provide impetus to agriculture. The centre is also establishing national and international collaborations, thus strengthening Schleswig-Holstein in the acquisition of funding for biomass-related research.

Evidence of success

Establishing co-operation with other centres of excellence and institutions (regional, national, international) on a broad spectrum of topics; continuous meetings of involved stakeholders enables excellent cooperation; networking enables quick response to certain calls of different programmes and different topics; national and transnational education alliances (i.e. summer courses, bachelor and master courses biomass/bioenergy); Project - Phase I: 22 new jobs; Phase II: 42 jobs created and 10 small and medium enterprises (SME) involved; 1 patent application developed (Multifunctional Anaerobic Baffled Reactor, MABR); founding of a new company - Conviotec GmbH Flensburg (target group agriculture and food industry);

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Dr. Wolfgang J. Bonn

Centre of Excellence of Biomass Schleswig-Holstein/ MLUR Schleswig-Holstein



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