Bioenergetics Innovation Cluster

Project information

Index: 0624R2
Priority:2: Environment and risk prevention
Sub Theme:Energy and sustainable transport
Location MAGYARORSZAG ALFÖLD ÉS ÉSZAK    Gyöngyös Észak-Magyarország   

Topic of the practice

Cluster management, support to SMEs, renewable energy

Good Practice Information

The "Bioenergetics Innovation Cluster” was founded in May 2008 with eight members from the sector. The numbers within this dynamically developing organisation are increasing, with the current number at 35. The Cluster aims to create a co-operative network of organisations dealing with renewable energy sources. The Cluster specifically supports the development of both existing and new technologies – especially the creation of innovative bioenergetics technologies. It also aims to determine and realise the mutual aims of its members through harmonized enterprise activities in the sector. It encourages better co-operation between its actors of the value chain – increasing efficiency in working relationships and enhancing shared innovation. The management activities of the clusters are realized by Project management organization of the Bioenergetics Innovation Cluster. The members of the Bioenergetics Innovation Cluster co-operate with national and international partner organisations, with funding for its programmes sourced from local, regional, national and international sources, as well as member contributions. New members are welcome and interested organisations should contact the management organisation in advance. Membership follows majority approval by members and acceptance of the Cluster’s membership terms.

Evidence of success

The number of clusters in Hungary has recently grown to 125, with 13 of them in the energy sector. Of the 22 registered clusters in North Hungary, three work in the field of renewables. The founders of the clusters foresaw their long-term potential and have used the cluster to generate new co-operation and partnerships – which have led to the realisation of larger-scale plans and investments. The success and growth of the clusters means that they also have potential political influence. All of this has led to the clusters' enterprises enjoying increased turnover and growth. As the success of clusters in Hungary grows, cluster excellence (describing the efficiency of the cluster management organisations) is becoming an accepted indicator.

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Ervin Holló

Bioenergetics Innovation Cluster

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