Metropolitan association with organisational core in the Gothenburg region

Project information

Index: 0619R2
Priority:2: Environment and risk prevention
Sub Theme:Energy and sustainable transport
Location SWEDEN SöDRA SVERIGE Göteborg Västsverige Start/End date of the practice
Start: 1995
End: ongoing

Topic of the practice

Regional Transport Authorities

Good Practice Information

The Göteborg Region Association of Local Authorities (GR) is a good example of a metropolitan association.
The task of the organization is to enhance intermunicipal cooperation between its member municipalities and to provide a regional platform for networking and exchange of ideas and experience within the region. GR contributes towards long-term sustainable development in the member municipalities. Such development covers three basic and mutually depended dimensions: the social, the ecological and the economic. The GR board consists of representatives from each municipal executive board. GR focuses on such issues as: regional planning, environment, traffic, labour market, welfare and social services, competence development, education and research. The main stakeholders are the municipalities involved (13), the main beneficiaries are politicians and civil servants within GRs member municipalities. GR is financed partly through annual membership fees from the member municipalities (25%) and partly
through revenue from conferences and courses, investigations and other joint-usership savings for the member municipalities. The annual turnover is approximately 18 mln EUR. To gain results a strong political leadership is essential. Leadership that acknowledges and has the insight that municipalities in a metropolitan region are interdependent and that cooperation is needed in order to find better solutions to common issues. Another key factor can be that many “weak” municipalities in a region request cooperation to get stronger together. To make the practice transferable it is important to comprehend the benefits that come though municipal cooperation. In order to achieve higher goals together the approach must be built on patience and trust. To welcome the opportunity of creating a bigger birthday cake for all and not just to make your own piece bigger.

Evidence of success

The practice is considered to be good due to the provision of an arena for a broad political dialogue, which simplifies necessary regional decisions, various regional projects which contribute to long-term sustainable development, the creation of networks, spreading of ideas and stimulation of exchange of experience, the responsibility for regional planning and the ability to safeguard the region's interests. Its success could be measured - besides the scientific reports published - by the number of regional projects and joint strategy documents, which express the high level of reliability and trust. Furthermore the organisation provides courses and conferences to raise the competence skills within a variety of professions. Approximately 8 000 politicians and civil servants participate every year.

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Nils-Gunnar Ernstson, Managing Director

The Göteborg Region Association of Local Authorities (GR)

Annex completed on: 06-29-2011

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