DICE PROJECT - Advanced cultural cluster into the Veneto Region

Project information

Index: 0081R1
Priority:1: Innovation and the knowledge economy
Sub Theme:Entrepreneurship and SMEs
Location ITALY NORD-EST Province of Venice Veneto Start/End date of the practice
Start: 2007-01-01
End: n.a.

Topic of the practice

The objective of the project was to find out to what extent there were in the Veneto Region the idea of a System Wide Cultural District model focusing on culture both as activator of the local social and economic processes and development instrument for Veneto both in its planning documents and cultural policies.

Good Practice Information

The IUAV University of Venice was commissioned to undertake a survey of the region's cultural activity as an instrument of development as part of a project co-financed by the operational programme Italia-Slovenia (2000-2006). The survey conducted during all 2007 by IUAV University explored an assumption in the Region of Veneto that culture could be the primary platform of communication between all the economic and social agents becoming an instrumnet of aggregation and development. The findings have been used to promote two outcomes: 1) to indicate what were the elements that needed to be in place to best foster the chances of an advanced cultural cluster from forming and 2) to guide the Region as to which interventions would be most helpful to form an advanced cultural cluster. The survey focused on: a) mapping the existing private and public cultural agents working in the region; b) absorbing the qualitative data that these cultural agents gave after their elaboration;
c) using the mapping process itself to train young people in how to survey the creative industries, using a strong methodological model. The project was in two stages: a) mapping of the cultural activites and infrastructure either hosted or planned to be hosted in the region setting up a map of cultural activity throughout the enitre region; b) individuation of the 12 cultural clusters existing in Veneto Region after a Swot analysis. This analysis aimed at best enhancing the networking activities such as communication, dissemination of information and coordination within each cluster. Ita was highlighted the inapplicability of a single model for the the introductions of the cultural districts.

Evidence of success

To better manage the variety of the cultural activities, of the physical infrastructures and of the existing realities, the Veneto Region implemented in 2004 a territorial development program by the regional planning law, particularly definining the Reagional Territory Plan for Coordination (PTRC) along with the Provincial Territorial Plan for Coordination (PTCP) and the City Territory Setting Plan (PAT) for a ten-year period. The main goal was to provide the territory and the various public and private cultural agents with a knowledge and critical tools to re-read actual and potential cultural resources. With this step the Veneto Region goes forward in defining suitable policies to the start of innovation and creativity processes, taking the culture as a key factor of local development.

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Mr. Roberto Sandrini

Chamber of Commerce of Venice

roberto.sandrini@ve.camcom.it - sandrini.r@gmail.com


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