Project information

Index: 0596R2
Priority:1: Innovation and the knowledge economy
Sub Theme:Innovation, research and technology development
Location ESPAÑA SUR SEVILLA Andalucía Start/End date of the practice
Start: 2004
End: on-going

Topic of the practice

Support of the Environmental Goods and Services (EGS) sector.

Good Practice Information

The DEMA is a directory which compiled companies of the Region Andalusia which are dealing with environmental goods and services. The informations which can be found are: identification data, location, size and economic activities of the companies. The economic activities are classified following a code created ad hoc based on an european classification presented in the 1999's manual of the OECD/EUROSTAT " The environmental goods and services industry, Manual for data collection and analysis" ( . The directory has a free access from the web site of the Regional Ministry of Environment of Andalusia. It is updated every two years but companies can register or modify its data directly from the web site.
Any person or entity can search (by activity, location, etc) for companies sited in Andalusia for business or private purposes. The key success for potential transfer is to show to other regions the methodology used to build the directory . The directory is also a good tool for public administrations to delimitate the EGS sector on its territory in order to address their policies to promote it.

Evidence of success

This practice drives to a delimitation and better knowledge of the EGS sector in the region. Usually we find a sector very wide and not properly bounded. The sector can be addressed for consulting or information gathering by policy makers, researchers, private companies etc. It also may promote association among EGS companies. Currently there are over 16,000 companies registered in the directory.

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