Funding regional high tech companies “Young Innnovative Entreprises Contract”

Project information

Index: 0595R2
Priority:1: Innovation and the knowledge economy
Sub Theme:Innovation, research and technology development
Location FRANCE BASSIN PARISIEN Chalons en Champagne Champagne-Ardenne Start/End date of the practice
Start: 2009-01-01
End: No end till now

Topic of the practice

How to help YIE in their creation supporting corporate structuring costs, R&D costs? Promote and support the creation of innovative enterprises that generate jobs on production and services activities, by supporting them financially during the 3 first years of existence

Good Practice Information

Programme owner:
Regional Council of Champagne Ardenne
- Funding sources:
Regional funding sources
- Total budget of the practice:
average budget by year dedicated to this practice:300 000 € for 5 to 7 YIE supported by year
- Human resources needed in the implementing body (full time equivalent): 0.5 FTE for 5 to 7 YIE supported by year
Type of beneficiaries:
-SMES according to European rule ;
-innovative company creating at least two jobs in the regional area within 3 years ;
-innovative SME under 3 years old
- Legal framework:
This support is based on the framework plan exempt from notification on support to research, development and innovation No. X60/2008 taken based on the General Block Exemption Regulation by category (EC) No. 800/2008 European August 6, 2008.
Programme description:
It is a financial support to a maximum of 200 000 €, which will materialize through a contract of three-year objectives and conventions related to support for the duration of the successive three years. The regional response will follow the development and needs of the company. - It will take the form of:
- A loan, between 10 000 and € 100 000 €, calculated according to needs related to the start of activity
- Loan (s) depending on the growth, the corporate development, to a maximum of 100 000 €, for supporting the various phases of the innovation project(s) representing more than 70% for industrial research and experimental development in 45% of eligible expenditure
- Grant (s) representing at most 50% of eligible expenditure, capped at € 30,000, for consulting services innovation: technological assistance, technology transfer services, training, advice on intellectual property, advice on the use of standards, market research.
- The regional support may not exceed, at any time of grant, the amount of capital or quasi equity of the company.
All requests must be a letter of intent addressed to the President of the Regional Council stating the nature of the project. Can be considered as expenditure incurred since the date of receipt of the letter of intent. Financial support is investigated on the basis of a record that is the subject of a preliminary economic analysis by the Region, supported by external advice as necessary. After examination and opinion expressed by a technical committee (internal committee composed by elected representatives and representatives of the bank of France and General Treasury), the case is submitted for decision to the Standing Committee of Regional Council. The contract will be monitored over the three years, in conjunction with other regional supporting structures such as potential CARINNA, OSEO, Champagne-Ardenne Croissance(regional venture capital), Champagne-Ardenne network of enterprise, hosting structures and

Evidence of success

According to the regulation of the young innovative enterprise contract, this new enterprise should generate at least 2 jobs (Full-time jobs), in addition to the manager, during the 3 years contract. Therefore, there is a real impact on employment. This practice has been created in 2009, so it is too early to assess its full application. For this reason, we lack indicators on business survival rates and capacity of reimbursement after the end of the three years contract. But the interest of this practice for our Peria partners is also to combine loan and grant in the various stages of the company establishment

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