Example of Innovation vouchers

Project information

Index: 0595R2
Priority:1: Innovation and the knowledge economy
Sub Theme:Innovation, research and technology development
Location FRANCE SUD-OUEST BORDEAUX Aquitaine Start/End date of the practice
Start: It covers one year

Topic of the practice

Difficulties of the enterprises to access to the innovation process and build up some useful partnership agreements with service providers. 1. It deals with a support tool for micro-enterprises to integrate further technological elements in their development strategy 2. Improving the patent registration

Good Practice Information

Financial actor : BPIFRANCE, National Innovation Agency - Operational actor: Regional Innovation Agency through the action of the Innovez en Aquitaine Network - Total budget of the practice: About 400 000 € per year to finance regional innovation vouchers. The maximum allocation for each project is 10 000 Euro - Human resources needed in the implementing body: About 1 person full time equivalent - Who else is involved?: - Regional prescribers, and Innovez en Aquitaine Network - Type of beneficiaries: Micro and small enterprises with an headcount below 50 persons ( some exceptions for companies with below 250 persons), turnover or a Balance sheet total below 10 million (40 million for companies with below 250 persons), Independence or only the 25% owned company by a big group, any technology subsidy received in the two previous years.
The financial support aims at helping micro-enterprises to start an innovation process by building up a first technology partnership with competence centers. - Public, public-private and private service providers are accepted. The Innovez en Aquitaine Network identifies and selects the regional prescribers qualified to promote the financial aid. Regional prescribers evaluate the enterprise profile. They assist the enterprise in the preparation of the documents to submit innovation voucher request (including information about the project and the service provider to be involved in). If everything is right, the project company will take advantage from the innovation voucher. The subsidy could be 10000€ at the maximum with a contribution of 20% from the company. The subsidy is a variable rate ((50%, 65%, 80%) of the benefits received with the 50% limit of the total expenditures. The subsidy is allocated to the provider after the achievement of the mission and after receiving the company payment.

Evidence of success

This good practice is a good example of an innovation voucher.
The scheme is considered a good practice because has medium to low restrictions in terms of eligible services and the application process is short and fast. It stimulates the development of the innovation process within micro SMEs not so familiar with innovation.
This is a nationwide initiative in FRANCE.
Number of granted vouchers in recent years:
78 in 2007- 70 in 2008 - 48 in 2009
Percentage of the intervention ratio according to the aid scheme:
99,8% in 2007 - 99,7% in 2008 - 97,8% in 2009
Amount of the subsidy: 390 000 € in 2007 - 400 000 € in 2008 - 400 000 € in 2009

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Innovez en Aquitaine

m.freour@aquitaine-dev-innov.com ; n.trotin@aquitaine-dev-innov.com

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