Cluster Management Services

Project information

Index: 0595R2
Priority:1: Innovation and the knowledge economy
Sub Theme:Innovation, research and technology development
Location MAGYARORSZAG ALFOLD ES ESZAK DEBRECEN Eszak-Alfold Start/End date of the practice
Start: 2009-01-01
End: continuous

Topic of the practice

Initiative for clusters in order to strengthen the cooperation between cluster members, and to make their work more efficient by cooperating with other indusrtial, researcher and intermediary actors. These initiatives support the cluster managers to understand how the members works in their business environment and how they can offer services to serve their needs.

Good Practice Information

Program owner: INNOVA
Funding sources: National Research and Innovation Fund and market.
Total budget of the practice:
- 40 working days per year for the consultations (appr. 4000€ totally),
- training material was developed for appr. 13000€
+ cost of trainings shall be paid by the participants (appr. 500€ / person / training),
- event organization are planned at market basis,
- website development and maintaining for clusters to support them in internationalization of their activities (development for appr. 10000€ and maintaining for appr. 1000€ per year)

Human resources needed in the implementing body (full fime equivalent): Appr. 1,2 FTE per year for all the above mentioned activities.

Who else is involved?: Research institutes, university, companies, cluster management organization, other intermediaries, national ministries

Program description:
The following initiatives are offered by INNOVA for clusters:
- cluster management training (in spring 2011) based on a training material
- a website for clusters of the Észak-alföld Region ( in order to promote them at national and international level and contribute to their internationalization. In the future we plan to develop the English version of the website.
- marketing consultation
- event organisation, speed dating for project development for the cluster members (organize small events for a cluster with the representatives of a specific scientific fields in form of speed dating)

Evidence of success

INNOVA has contacts with most of the clusters of the region, and has active cooperation with 11 clusters regarding the above mentioned activities.
In 2011 INNOVA:
• supported 7 clusters to participate on international business events
• organised 10 national business brokerage and consultancy events for cluster
• provided consultancy services for 5 clusters
• has written applications for 5 clusters
• ensured appearance for 8 regional clusters (~50% of all) on the website
• with the cooperation of Competitiveness consultancy company INNOVA also organised a Cluster Seminarium Day for 31 participants

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Agnes Berde

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