Local Contract for Social Development (LCSD)

Project information

Index: 0592R2
Priority:1: Innovation and the knowledge economy
Sub Theme:Entrepreneurship and SMEs
Location PORTUGAL CONTINENTE Algarve Start/End date of the practice
Start: 2009-01-01

Topic of the practice

Partnership organizing activities that contribute to reduce social isolation of older people who live in rural areas and in small villages far from others.

Good Practice Information

The Local Contract for Social Development (LCSD) is a good example of a partnership organizing activities that contribute to reducing social isolation of older people who live in rural areas and in small villages far from others. This project is developed in an aged and dispersed territory of Alcoutim and Castro Marim.
Activities within the project were: development of social, parental and civic competences; creation of mobile units for social intervention in the rural areas; promoting and sensitizing for oral health, deafness of older people and leisure travels for seniors; Implementation of courses in different fields at Leisure Time University; participation of local associations; providing children, adults and seniors with a better access to the new technologies.
This LCSD is promoted by a partnership constituted by the Social Security Institute IP, by the local authorities of Alcoutim and Castro Marim, by Odiana (local coordinator), by ABESFA, by Holy House of the Compassion of Alcoutim and by ALCANCE Association (entities executioners). Odiana is the one that coordinates the partnership, guarantees the execution of the activities in accordance with the program and represents the partnership.
A strong point is that the actions and activities can be adjusted accordingly to the needs of the population;- The active partnership. A difficulty was to receive the funding from Social Security Institute and to reach everyone in the dispersed territory.
Financed by Operational Program of Human Potential: € 716,736.24
Financed by Social Games: € 59,375.00  

Evidence of success

The LCSD created 4 jobs within Odiana and other entities envolved in the project and other ones are expected to be created. These jobs are expected to be sustainable and last beyond the project.
An important added value of the intervention can especially be seen in the involvement of older people in the activities and the number of people already covered. For example, the Mobil Unit for social intervention covered 800 persons in its first year whereas only 100 people were expected to be covered. Another example of success in this project is the campaign for fighting deafness, that even helped the eldest one. Three hundred people were helped to buy hearing implants, with some funding from the municipalities of Castro Marim and Alcoutim. The Leisure time University also had a large success with 132 persons attending the educative courses. These results may seem low, but considering the number of inhabitants, the dispersed territory and the reduced number of activities available for these people and the access to services, this project turns out to be a big step to reduce social isolation and correct disadvantages and inequalities between rural territories and the most touristic and populated coast of Algarve.

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Sergio Inacio and Jean Didier Gry

ODIANA- Associaçao para o Desenvolvimento do Baixo Guadiana



Annex completed on: 12-21-2011

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