Development of heritage related to traditional uses and practices in areas with exceptional landscapes

Project information

Index: 0592R2
Priority:1: Innovation and the knowledge economy
Sub Theme:Entrepreneurship and SMEs
Location ESPAÑA SUR Andalucía Start/End date of the practice
Start: 2007
End: 2009

Topic of the practice

Showing how groups can work together in developing heritage related to traditional uses and practices in areas with exceptional landscapes.

Good Practice Information

The good practice shows how groups can work together in developing heritage related to traditional use of and practices in areas with exceptional landscapes. This project brought together 15 Andalusian Development Groups (LEADER-type Local Action Groups) that are very different from their territorial perspective but which share a great rural heritage linked to traditional uses and practices.
The main aim was to launch new and innovative channels for endogenous development in line with the development strategy adopted in each territory and based on the specific territorial identity of these territories.
The following actions were carried out:
1. Technical support. This action consisted in the preparation of a document that could be used in Andalusia as a guide to develop Heritage Linked to Traditional Uses and Practices in Areas with Exceptional Landscapes. The Public Company of Agrarian and Fishing Development (“Empresa Pública Desarrollo Agrario y Pesquero) of the Regional Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries of the Andalusian Regional Government was contracted to prepare this document.
2. Definition of a common methodology to identify exceptional resources, gather information and prepare an inventory of heritage resources. This action consisted in the definition of the methodology to follow in order to identify exceptional heritage resources in each territory and prepare the corresponding inventory. General information to be gathered was defined on each resources (location, degree of conservation, ownership, accessibility, photographic details, former uses, etc.). The methodology was also defined to identify the main landscape in each district and its main characteristics. Finally, the theoretical bases of the project and the action methodology were developed.

Evidence of success

The following global results were achieved in the Joint Cooperation Action on Heritage Development:
1. Identification and characterisation of exceptional heritage resources linked to local traditional and cultural activities through the production a detailed catalogue.
2. Raise public and institutional awareness of the importance of these heritage resources for local development through the publication of the heritage guide for young people and the organisation of informative days.
3. Strengthen and consolidate territorial identity through the development of specific cultural and traditional economic resources in each area.
4. Consideration of new formulae to develop heritage resources at risk of disappearance through the proposals presented in the Action Plan, many of which have been visualised in the virtual 3D presentations.
5. Improvement of local heritage resources and their special development for tourism.
6. Creation of a computer tool to process information, enabling the continuity of the action through the introduction and/or extension of new data compatible with other existing tools in the field of Heritage.
7. Characterisation and list of heritage elements catalogued with the landscape in which they are located, using GIS location maps.

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Rocío del Río Lameyer

Consejería de Agricultura, Pesca y Desarrollo Rural

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