National Broadband Policy, Finland

Project information

Index: 0587C2
Priority:1: Innovation and the knowledge economy
Sub Theme:the Information Society
Location SUOMI / FINLAND MANNER-SUOMI Kajaani Itä-Suomi Start/End date of the practice
Start: 2004-01-29
End: Government resolution in 2004; implementation plan 2008; pilot projects 2009 - 2010; on going

Topic of the practice

e-Governement: the Finnish National Broadband Plan (NBP) as a competitiveness & cohesion tool. Milestones: Finnish government resolution 29.1.2004 introducing 'Finland's National Broadband Strategy'; December 2008 Finland adopting a national broadband plan for 2009-2015.

Good Practice Information

OBJECTIVES: to promote the provision of e-services & content; to stimulate demand for broadband services; to continue & develop special support measures in those areas in which there is insufficient demand for the commercial supply of broadband facilities; to promote competition within all communication networks. TARGETS: 1000 000 broadband connections in Finland; everyone has access to affordable, high-speed telecommunications with comprehensive geographical coverage; drawing benefit from the NBP to strengthen region's international e-solutions position.
MEASURES: There are 50 actions, planned under eight (8) measures as follows: (i) More competition within and between the various telecommunication networks; (ii)speeding up the introduction and spread of new broadband technologies; (iii) development of electronic transactions and on-line business; (iv) effective participation of businesses and individuals in the information society; (v) promoting data security and privacy protection;
(vi) special measures for regional development; (vii) contributing to and monitoring international developments; (viii) monitoring strategy.
IMPLEMENTATION: (i) REGULATORY REFORM: Finland passed a law obliging universal service providers to provide broadband access, at speeds of at least 1Mbps, to the country's 5.3mn citizens by July 2010 and 100 MBps by 2015 (ii) PPP: the NBP measures are implemented by six (6) Ministries: Education, Interior, Finance, Agriculture & Forestry, Transport & Communications, Trade & Industry, Social Affairs & health, through grants and co financed projects. (iii) SPECIAL FOCUS ON REGIONS: special action plans drawn for local & regional authorities (stakeholders involved: Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of Trade and Industry, Ministry of Transport and Communications, Office of Free Competition, Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority, Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities).
Originally the ministry estimated that the total cost of the core network is about 200 M€. The operators’ share of the core network costs is at least 34 per cent. The remaining 66 per cent is public funding and it comes from the following sources: the government 66 M€, European Regional Development Fund 25 M€, cities and municipalities 40 M€. The share of the city or the municipality is either 8, 22 or 33 per cent of the costs and the share depends on its current economical condition.

Evidence of success

(i) The spread of e-solutions in Finland since the 29.1.2004 government resolution: between 2004 and 2008 e-practices have spread in Finland from 786 450 to 2 084 332 subscriptions. The source is statistics Finland, see also Attachment 1 to this for whole table). By 2010, 96% of Finnish residents are online (estimate); (ii) "Marrying" competitiveness & cohesion: the NBP closes the digital gap by promoting 'buidling on digital competitiveness for all'; (iii)Ensuring internal demand: see Regulatory reform above, broadband access - a right not just an option;
(iv)Technological specialisation: mobile broadband over cable for the more sparsely populated regions; (v)General transferability: NBP action plan available; regional level transferability: measures & associated project funding plans & sources on strongly reinforced e-access & e-practices to schools, libraries, public administration, health care, available.

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