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Index: 0587C2
Priority:1: Innovation and the knowledge economy
Sub Theme:the Information Society
Location SWEDEN SöDRA SVERIGE Karlskrona Sydsverige Start/End date of the practice
Start: 2009-12-01
End: 2010-08-01

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Good Practice Information

When it comes to routine checks, visits and next visit there is a more effective solution than the traditional one where the patient has to go to the care institution to then spend time in the waiting room, waiting for his/her turn, a wait that many times feels long and leads to stress, irritation and anxiety. One way to minimize these negative elements is to make it possible for the patient
himself/herself to perform some medical tests in their own home or at the care centre.
The solution which, in this way, makes frequent checkups possible and follow-ups better, without having the patient obliged to a specific time, is called CheckUp Care and is a system, designed as a bag, that contains measuring devices to check blood pressure, EKG, pulse, weight, blood sugar, HB, oxygen saturation, PEF, FEV1, Warfarin, etc.There is a card slot on the bag where an ID-card is placed to get the test result registered on the right patient.
This means that the same bag can be used by many patients, for example in a care centre or an eldercare home.When the patient’s values are controlled the information is sent wireless from the measuring device to the bag and then further to the hospital where the information is stored together with the time and date for the measurement. The information is then available for health care professionals for evaluation and analysis.
It is a solution for easy-access, adaptable and independent nursing/medical service.
Every patient is assigned to a personal page where the health care professionals can see the patient’s registrated values. Changes and trends are shown in a graphical, easy to grasp, way which helps deviation being discovered at an early stage. When necessary the patient is contacted and called to a check-up at the hospital. The cost for CheckUp Care is from 6000 Euro and up for each bag dependent on instrumentation.

Evidence of success

For routine inspections, visits and return visits to be more effective, not to mention solutions funnier than the old traditional. The variant is that the patient must travel to the clinic or hospital and then spend longer or shorter time in the waiting room while waiting for his turn. A waiting that often means stress, irritation and anxiety for the patient. We want to reduce the negative elements and instead contribute to a more enjoyable day filled with life's little pleasures. One way to minimize the negative aspects of everyday life is to conduct some medical tests at home.
CheckUp Care is a wireless solution for care at home. It is a solution for accessibility, flexibility and self-care. For happier patients, wallets and staff!
Fewer home visits, fewer hospital visits and fewer problems - wireless is the solution!

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Arne Viktorsson

Explizit AB

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