Project information

Index: 0587C2
Priority:1: Innovation and the knowledge economy
Sub Theme:the Information Society
Location ESPAÑA CENTRO (E) Badajoz Extremadura Start/End date of the practice
Start: 2004-01-01
End: 31/12/2010 (could be extended)

Topic of the practice

Foster Broadband Coverage; Improve infraestructure in ICT's; Boost the social knowledge in Innovation, Support process to obtained more qualified services

Good Practice Information

The Broadband Extension Plan from the Government of Extremadura started in 2004. It consists on a public program to establish a set of investiments in strategic actions and to ensure access to broadband and the latest ICT's technology in every municipality in Extremadura. The Plan has three phases: a) Phase I (2004-2006): Wide access to ADSL Internet in the Region; b) Phase II (2007-2009): Broadband Extension Plan in isolated areas.The Plan development in this phase started in 2007. The main objective was promoting high-speed connectivity in isolated areas, in small local companies and for enterpreneurs; Phase III: In 2009 the Plan focused on mobile devices and 3G Techonology. Recently, the populations of more than 1,000 inhabitants has obtained technical infraestructures for a 100% high speed Internet coverage. Therefore, the Broadband Extension Plan is based on programmed actions and investiments throughout the territories depending on the social and economic development in each area and in even in each municipality.
The financial resources required during the entire period in the Extension Plan development from 2004 was 33,985,285 euros, including the technical maintenance of the infraestructures by a private company. These economic funds have been distributed as follows: 62 % from the government of Extremadura and 38 % from the central government of Spain.

Evidence of success

The Broadband Extension Plan in Extremadura has allowed an important progress in economic terms developing local researching in ICT's and improving preexisting social services and creating new ones. Furthermore, we can distinguish these other results: In Intranet: Extremadura has developed many projects related to e-government, education and e-health through intranet services. Moreover, The Educational system has deployed a technology network in every school in Extremadura (primary and secondary). For example:
• A computer for every two students in high school and a computer for every six students in primary education.
• All schools (primary and secondary) are online in Extremadura.
• Every student in every single school centre in Extremadura is capable to connect to the Internet for free from their centres.

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Manuel Ladera Gallardo and Pedro Pérez Gómez

Jose de Espronceda Software Excellence Centre//Infraestructure Management of Telecommunications of Extremadura;

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