Project information

Index: 0587C2
Priority:1: Innovation and the knowledge economy
Sub Theme:the Information Society
Location SWEDEN SöDRA SVERIGE Karlskrona Sydsverige Start/End date of the practice
Start: 2010-09-01
End: 2011-07-01

Topic of the practice


Good Practice Information

Augment started out as a research and development project in collaboration between the regional university and one of the five municipalities in the region (Ronneby). In 2010 a proof-of-concept project was initiated and the services further developed. Augment is currently being tested on local, regional and national levels by a number of user groups. In the first implementation the services have been developed for a website, and as a mobile application for Android. The accessibility content is user-driven and relies on the active participation and interest of the users of the services. Citizens can easily get timely and accurate information about the status of accessibility in a specific location and also contribute by updating the information. The main results are:
• Augment website created
• Augment mobile service created
• Citizens and tourists in Blekinge have easy access to public places and environments
• Accessibility hindrances can easily be located and removed or reduced by the responsible authority based on citizens evaluation and prioritising
• Augment creates possibilities for integration of social media as communication tool with map-based services on accessibility issues
• Provides platform for interaction between citizens, disability agencies and public administration concerning accessibility issues
• Augment contributes to full participation in society for people with disabilities
Cost: 3 man years (~ 240000 euro)
Based on:
200 workdays/year
500 SEK/hour
7 hours/day

Evidence of success

Augment is developed through collaboration between academia, civil society and public administrations. This is an example of successful combination of competences and partnerships with an aim to join forces in order to minimise hindrances for disabled people and their opportunities to live a full and active life.

The service contributes to e-Inclusion through opening up opportunities for co-design of local and regional accessibility.

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Dr. Annelie Ekelin Per-Olof Svensson

Blekinge Institute of Technology or

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