Cybercantal telecentre - the example of Murat Community Council

Project information

Index: 0587C2
Priority:1: Innovation and the knowledge economy
Sub Theme:the Information Society
Location FRANCE CENTRE-EST Clermont Ferrand Auvergne Start/End date of the practice
Start: 2006-01-01
End: On going.

Topic of the practice

Development of teleworking

Good Practice Information

In 2005, the French authorities launched a call for projects with the aim of encouraging the setting up of professional areas dedicated to teleworking. Cantal General Council, following a pro-active policy to counter the phenomenon of rural desertification, responded by creating the “CyberCantal Télécentres” programme with the aim of setting up 7 telecentres in the département. In parallel, in 2005, the Community of Communes of the Pays de Murat (CCPM) set up a Maison de Services. In 2006, the CCPM decided to set up a first Cantal telecentre within its Maison de Services.Through the telecentre, the CCPM wishes to develop new job opportunities for inhabitants, resulting in the creation of micro-enterprises, the re-dynamisation of the local economy, and welcoming new workers.
Description of the initiative: This telecentre is aimed at teleworkers who are employees or self-employed. It offers them the chance to rent 4 private offices that include office equipment (computer, telephone, internet), a pooled secretarial facility, and access to meeting rooms and video-conferencing. Social Fund, since 2007 the local authority has offered free training to project bearers who want to set themselves up for teleworking, as well as providing personalised support to teleworkers, e.g. help finding accommodation. Finally, the teleworking forum organised in Murat enables news to be spread of the offer of training for teleworking as a self-employed person and as an employee, as well as of the telecentre, and to bring together all the professionals involved in teleworking. Budget:e : 220 000 € of investments in 3 years.

Evidence of success

Main results: Training requests exceed availability: 450 applicants, 120 have been trained - 63% come from outside the Auvergne region. Women make up 80% of trainees. - By the completion of training, 35% of trainees have set up a micro-enterprise.- 4 new families have moved to the area after receiving teleworking training. 10 teleworkers use the centre regularly.- In 2010, the telecentre had an occupancy rate of 90%. It is currently being extended.- 300 professionals took part in the teleworking forum in 2009 and 2010.
3 main factors of success:- the choice of a work site that offers a range of pooled services,- coupling training with support as well as the availability of premises,- setting up an annual teleworking forum.

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Corinne Ibarra

Communauté de Communes du Pays de Murat

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